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The Kettlebell Fat Terminator – The Swing And Push-Up Combination Totalling 400 Reps!

The Kettlebell Fat Terminator – The Swing and Push-Up Combination Totalling 400 Reps!


  1. Are you looking for a challenging kettlebell workout to revolutionize your fitness? 
  2. Are you serious about your training and a results oriented individual? 
  3. Do you have an interest in time efficient workouts that require minimal equipment?

So what is so special about the kettlebell fat terminator? Well the short answer is that it’s simple and sinister. So as you know the kettlebell swing is the base lift with the kettlebell that involves a ballistic pulling movement pattern. As a result, this is an exercise that targets hundreds of muscles and generates an awesome production of lean muscle mass when you apply it to your training on a regular basis!

Kettlebell Fat Terminator

So what’s the premise behind this style of workout known as the kettlebell fat terminator?

Well to start, I will come up with 5 different styles of push-ups for you to do to combine with kettlebell swings. This workout is essentially a HIIT style workout to challenge you and help you to enhance your anaerobic work capacity. 

With this workout the focus is to test your mental fortitude while also training agonist/antagonist (opposing muscles) muscle groups. The whole point here is to build symmetry, cardiovascular fitness, and muscular strength.

Black and white image of Brandon performing a single arm kettlebell swing transitioning the kettlebell from one arm to the other.

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A few things you need to know…

Below you’ll see the kettlebell swing exercise and corresponding push-up exercise listed. Before the exercise pairing you’ll see the word superset. A superset means you’ll perform the first mentioned exercise and its corresponding sets and reps immediately followed by the second mentioned exercise and its corresponding sets and reps.

After each exercise you’ll also see two numbers separated by an “x.” Here the first mentioned number represents the number of sets you’re to perform with the given exercise. The second mentioned number represents the number of repetitions to perform.

So an example of all of this should look like the following…


Kettlebell swings: 3×20=60

Push-up: 3×10=30

In this example you would perform a single set of kettlebell swings for 20 reps immediately followed by a single set of push-ups for 10 reps. Therefore you would rest after each superset and continue the back and forth combination until you completed all listed sets and reps of each exercise.

Most importantly, prior to performing the kettlebell fat terminator workout make sure you implement the following warm up. This will prime your body for movement. As a result, you should also be proficient at performing kettlebell swings and push-ups before diving into this workout!

Kettlebell Fat Terminator Workout

Warm up:

Wrist circles: 10 clockwise 10 counterclockwise

Hip circles: 10 clockwise 10 counterclockwise

Ankle circles: 10 clockwise 10 counterclockwise

Stretch Kicks: 3×10 R&L leg

Hip flexor stretch: 1 minute R&L leg

Saddle stretch: 2 minutes

Black and white image of a trainee performing the kettlebell swing with his back to the camera.

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Kettlebell Fat Terminator Workout:

Superset: So for the following superset perform each push-up variation listed below in combination with each set of kettlebell swings.

Kettlebell swings: 10×20=200

Standard push-ups: 1×20

Walkouts: 1×20

Hindu push-ups: 1×20

Push-ups (left leg raised off of ground): 1×20

Push-ups (right leg raised off of ground): 1×20

Standard push-ups: 1×20

Walkouts: 1×20

Hindu push-ups: 1×20

Push-ups (left leg raised off of ground): 1×20

Push-ups (right leg raised off of ground): 1×20

Total push-ups: 200

Total repetitions: 400

Kettlebell Fat Terminator: The Takeaway

So at the end of the day this workout is simple, but far from easy. Consequently, remember that your goal here is to get through the workout as quickly as you can without compromising your technique. Therefore you want to make sure that your technique is solid.

Are you currently implementing effective kettlebell workouts? 

Are you using any HIIT workouts in your training? 

Post up in the comments here below. 

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