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Real Walking Fitness – 2 Techniques To Turn Your Walking Program Into A Real Workout!

Real Walking Fitness – 2 Techniques to Turn Your Walking Program Into a Real Workout!

I am always big on intensity, but if you are involved in a serious walking program you can implement certain techniques to change the overall effectiveness of your workout. The beauty of a walking program is that you can walk anywhere. Your walking can be done around the block, on a treadmill, in the yard, or at a local park. I just want to make a couple of suggestions as to how you can intensify what you are doing to get the most out of it.

Wilderness Woman Contest: Round 1, the water carry by t-dawg

1. Carry Buckets Of Water: Oh boy, this is simply good old yard work turned fitness! Get a couple of buckets of water and fill them up to the desired level and weight of your choice. Start at one end of your yard and make sure you are on level ground. Walk across the yard with a bucket in each hand. Try to focus on not spilling any of the water because this stability and focus will add up to bigger results in your workout. When you get as far as you want to go set down the buckets and without breaking stride continue on your walk. As you get better walk a specified distance with the water and without it. Alternate this pattern back and forth as you build up your endurance.

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2. Walking Backwards Uphill: This is another way to change the dynamic of your walking power. Find a reasonably long hill with a steady incline from the base to the top. You can walk the hill up and back down a couple of times to get the blood flowing. Next, turn and face away from the hill and walk backwards up the hill all the way to the top. You will find out real quick that this will seriously burn you thighs. As you get better at this you will find that your personal fitness training and aerobic walking program will improve drastically by including this simple technique.

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