30 Introductory Kettlebell Workouts

Finally an introductory kettlebell program that is simple, scalable, and impactful for helping you to build baseline functional strength!  

In this program of kettlebell workouts you can expect to focus on your total by strength and learn how to become more proficient in basic kettlebell movements. As such you will train in foundational kettlebell exercises to improve your overall fitness and physical foundation.  You can also use this program as an add-on to any other exercise program you are following. This will work particularly if you’re following one of my other programs. 

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Kettlebell workouts will help you to improve your upper body strength, lower body strength, and your overall cardio conditioning. Because of the functional movement involved with lifting the kettlebell you’ll benefit from building overall strength from head to toe. 

These workouts will step by step walk you through effective workouts to build your strength and to enhance your movement and overall health. You will do this with the use of both kettlebell and bodyweight movements.  

This introductory program is designed for you if you are an able bodied novice and are looking to enhance your fitness. Even if you’re more of an intermediate to advanced trainee I have also included recommendations to scale up the intensity of the program to challenge your ability level. 

Only Here Bonuses Include: 

A Customized Warm Up Prior To Using The Kettlebell

A Product Recommendation Section

6 Key Bonus Articles To Reference To Help You With Your Training 

30 Introductory Kettlebell Workouts

This training program will give you a well-organized and time efficient plan to follow. Because of this it will help you achieve the following with your fitness…
-You will learn how to eliminate imbalances in your current routine as a result of having a broken posture. 
-Help you achieve optimal performance by creating optimal physical and mental recovery.
-To become strong and injury-resistant to most any scenario.
-To obtain real world cardio conditioning.
-Have more confidence in your physical and mental abilities.
-And most importantly to function far better in everyday life. 
Like all my programs these workouts come with a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee! I will give you a refund if you are not satisfied after the training! The program will be delivered to you as a downloadable PDF to the email you provide.

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Upon your purchase and your start of the use of this program you acknowledge that you and you alone are completely and fully responsible for the applications of the movements provided and that if you become injured, sick, disabled, or even dead that Brandon Richey Fitness LLC, or any and all related parties are not responsible.  You acknowledge that you and you alone are completely and fully responsible for all risks involved in this exercise program.

Before you begin this exercise program you must get your physician’s approval. As a result you need to address any medical condition, or injury because it’s important to identify anything that could be contraindicated with physical activity. I recommend this program for healthy individuals 18 years and older. These recommendations are not medical guidelines but are for educational purposes only so it’s important that you take responsibility.