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5 Time Efficient HIIT Workouts To Maximize Your Fitness

5 Time Efficient HIIT Workouts To Maximize Your Fitness

  1. Are you limited on time and equipment?
  2. Are you lost on how to structure your workouts given your time restraints?
  3. Do you want a simple and effective training plan that you can implement to maximize your results?
  4. Are you implementing time efficient HIIT workouts? 

There’s nothing worse in my book than wasted time and lost potential. Imagine lying on your deathbed and having one regret after the next. Imagine at that point you realize your hour glass is up and that you didn’t take advantage of the time you had when you had it! If you truly sit there and absorb that then it should feel like a gut punch.

Time Efficient HIIT Workouts

A worn jump rope on the gym floor that has torn in half.

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So over the course of my career there have been many gyms I’ve worked at and witnessed a lot with members that spent years and tons of money “working out” without ever changing their appearance in the least. Aside from that their mobility and performance seemed to always stay in the same place, or even diminish as well.

Look I’m not trying to sit here and sound like I’m just hammering away on the general public, however sometimes making an observation and stating it can sound that way if it’s warranted. I’m merely stating what is and if you’re reading this article then I hope you don’t fall into the same trap.

As I was saying earlier time is the most valuable commodity and once it’s gone you can’t get it back. Therefore, when it comes to your approach on fitness and your workouts you need to have a plan in place that will allow you to get the most return on your investment of energy. In this case the following HIIT workouts will be a good start for you to do just that.

A few things to note:

Before you start there will be a light warm up including some joint mobility for you to do before diving head first into the actual training. Make sure that you follow this warm up and don’t skip out. You must demonstrate that you can follow instructions and stick to a plan. I’m including this here below for a very good reason.

Black and white image of a man performing sprint drills decelerating at a cone.

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That reason is because I probably don’t personally know you which is why I am covering my bases. I’m making sure that your body is primed for movement. As a result this is for my piece of mind so that I can sleep well at night knowing you’re taken care of throughout the process.

So for clarification below you will see an exercise listed followed by two numbers separated by an “x.” An example will look like the following…

Example: Push-up: 3×10

Therefore here the first mentioned number represents the number of sets you’re to perform for this movement. The second number represents the number of repetitions you’re to perform for this movement.

So in addition to this you may also see the word superset followed by two mentioned exercises. An example here would look like the following.



Push-up: 3×10 

Sprints: 3×30 yards 

So in this example you would perform the push-ups for 10 repetitions and immediately perform the 30 yard sprint. Therefore this would complete the first set of each exercise. So you would rest after this superset and continue this back and forth pattern until all the sets and reps are completed.

Implement These Time Efficient HIIT Workouts 

1. Hill Sprints: Find a hill with a 5 to 10% grade and 40 yards in length

20×40 yards=800 yards


Black and white image of a man with his back to the camera sporting the Brandon Richey Fitness ghostman logo on his shirt.

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2. Kettlebell swings:

15×20=300 swings


3. Superset:

Kettlebell swings: 10×20=200 swings

Sprints: 10×30 yards=300 yards


4. Superset:

Kettlebell swings: 10×20=200 swings

Push-ups: 10×10=100


5. Superset: 

Mountain climbers: 10×15=150 (Count off of the second raised knee to qualify your reps)

Sprints: 10×30=300


Time Efficient HIIT Workouts: The Takeaway

So HIIT workouts are great as long as you don’t compromise your the technique, or quality of your movement due to battle fatigue. As a result you want to make sure you maintain quality control over your body when attacking your HIIT session.

How many days a week are you training HIIT? 

What HIIT workouts are you doing? 

Post up and share below in the comment section. 

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I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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