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All my fitness articles…

Frequently I am asked to write fitness articles for other sites, magazines and for interviews. If I respect the work being done by the person asking, I am always willing to lend a hand and help others with their fitness goals.

I have posted links to each of those articles here for you, because learning is the first step in any worthwhile endeavor.  We should all strive to learn one new thing each day that we can immediately put into practice to make ourselves better than we were yesterday. Please read each of these articles carefully and share them with friends and family that you think would like them…and maybe to even some people who wouldn’t

Also make sure to continue to visit these as I’m frequently publishing new articles here. Stay Strong!

Ask The Trainer

Mad Fit Magazine

Cobrazol Sport



SEALGrinder PT 


The Path

Gym Talk 

Breaking Muscle Articles 

Cheap Protein Discount Codes


Single Dad Fit Dad

Super Strength Show


Super Strength Show

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