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Gnarly Nutrition Supplement Review

Gnarly Nutrition Supplement Review

So I just recently took a trial run at personally testing out a couple of the Gnarly Nutrition supplement lines. Those of you who know me know that I don’t typically use supplements to a large degree, but when I do it is generally out of necessity.


We all know about living the hectic lifestyle having to fight the rat race. Day in and day out we grind to train,  grow a business, grow a community, grow a family, and to work and leave a legacy behind to benefit society in general. It’s challenging, but as my dad once said “If it were easy then everybody would be doing it.”

Here at the BRF community you know it’s all about no excuses when driving towards your goals and dreams. Lately my schedule has been so slammed sometimes I forget what day of the week it is, but that’s ok…still no excuses, not even for me.

Over the past week I’ve had a much busier schedule than normal and it just so happened that the folks at Gnarly had sent over a couple of their products for me to test out. I’ll admit that I was a bit hesitant at first because I’m absolutely a creature of habit.

I mean in general I don’t really use a lot of supplementation. I mean sure I’ll use a protein shake, some BCAA’s, or bar every now and then out of necessity, but as we all should I believe in getting most everything in terms of nutrients from…you guessed it; whole foods!

So the two products that I got to test out were the Gnarly Pump (the pre-workout) and the Gnarly Whey (post workout recovery). Here’s my take on each of those during this very challenging work week.

The Gnarly Pump:

As I pointed out I’m a creature of habit and with the last couple weeks I’ve had quite a busier schedule than normal due to the fact that I’ve been slammed by article deadlines, training a full schedule, buying a new vehicle (very exciting!), and with the usual preparing for the zombie apocalypse. You get the picture.

Anyways I’ve always been asked about what supplements I use and honestly I’ve never been loyal to any particular brand though I have had experiences with pre-workouts earlier in my training days. For the most part I traditionally rely on an iced coffee with a shot of espresso from Starbucks prior to hitting the weight room.

However, this week was a different story. I decided to give it a go with the Gnarly Pump pre-workout supplement. I noticed in the ingredients it has much less caffeine than that iced coffee I usually find myself drinking prior to training. Due to my past experiences with pre-workouts I was a bit worried about getting amped up for the training and then crashing after the lift.

I mixed the Gnarly pump with about 10 ounces of water and literally chugged it before lifting. The flavor was orange/mango and it was a bit flat in taste to me, but to be fair I did chug it down pretty fast. For the first few minutes I didn’t feel a thing.

However, once I started into my training I felt my energy level gradually rising. This was very different than pre-workouts I’ve had in the past as they would get me all amped pretty fast, but then there would be a hard crash afterwards…which I always hated. That was the reason I switched over to Starbucks. Oddly enough the normal coffee wouldn’t do that to me.

However, the Gnarly Pump was a different experience in this way. It didn’t give me that quick “hyper feeling” followed by a crash of energy. It actually escalated my mood as I got more and more into my training. This was actually a very cool feeling because it very much escalated my mental focus and my afternoon was free from any energy crash as I had experienced from all those pre-workouts from the past.

Even having a lack of sleep on some days I’ve been using it before most of my workouts this past week and it’s still did not disappoint. It’s the same feeling every time. This was a pleasant surprise to me. I’m not going to use it every time because I just don’t like getting dependent on any one thing in general, but I’ll absolutely be utilizing this for my big long busy training days.

The Gnarly Whey

As I stated earlier I pretty much only use a protein shake or bar out of necessity. In other words, if my schedule has been slammed the way it has this past week then getting something on the go is the only option and for me traditional fast food is NOT an option.

I will also admit that I’ve never been too fond of whey protein shakes as they tend to sit like a rock on my stomach. I don’t like feeling like that which is why I’m a light eater these days. I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoy food, but I like having a full feeling without the heaviness if you know what I mean.

The Gnarly Whey is an interesting blend because after using it I didn’t have that feeling of a rock sitting in my stomach at all. The good thing is that it curtailed my appetite without giving me the terrible feeling of being bloated. It was light and according to the label is loaded with 5.5 grams of BCAA’s, 12.5 grams of protein per serving, and is a grass fed protein source.

I will say that after turning 38 last November on my heavy big lift days I would notice I would stay sore a couple days longer than I remember. I mean if I had a killer leg day on Monday I would be sore up until Thursday.

Because of this for the first time I started using a pure BCAA to help with the soreness. As part of my experiment here with the Gnarly whey I discontinued my other BCAA and only used the Gnarly Whey with the BCAA additive. Shockingly and truthfully I will say that my soreness has been almost non-existent. This was also a bit of a surprise to me.

I’ll admit that I didn’t think that it would have eliminated muscle soreness like that and I’m still a little skeptical because I’ve only used it for 2 moderately intense workouts. I will try it again on a real ball buster coming up in my training next week, but to be honest the 2 workouts that I experimented with usually leave me moving a bit slower the day after, but not this time. I’ll admit this part of the experiment really got my attention.

The Gnarly Whey I have is the vicious vanilla flavor and the taste is really good in my opinion. It’s not chalky and it dissolves really well. Oh yeah and they have cool drink mixers available for it as well.

Gnarly Mixer

Question: Where do I find Gnarly nutrition products? Go here and check out their line of products. As an added bonus the Gnarly site is full of helpful content and athlete testimonies.

Question: Where can I get the Gnarly Pump? Go here 

Question: Where can I get the Gnarly Whey? Go here

Question: Do you have access to any coupon discount codes? Why yes I do. Make sure you enter the coupon code brandonrichey.

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