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8 Hard Body Power Strength Gifts For Christmas!

8 Hard Body Power Strength Gifts For Christmas!

by: Brandon Richey–Get Free Updates And Training Guides Here

8 Hard Body Power Strength Gifts For Christmas!

Santa Roc by rocwieler

Well who said that Santa has to be fat and jolly? I mean to deliver all those presents around the world in record time over the course of one night it’s apparent the guy has to be able to throw some weight around, right? Well the season is here and I figured I would help you out by giving you (the fit folks) 8 solid Christmas gift ideas to help you out with the chaos of Christmas shopping.

After all, you probably don’t want to get caught up in the middle of an angry mob at the mall and have to punch and kick your way out to safety. Sad that people often forget that it’s Christmas and would rather act like they’re one of the characters off of the TV show The Walking Dead trying to kill their way to the checkout line during the madness of a life threatening shopping craze. Well, today this is why I wanted to offer you a much more peaceful approach for your Christmas shopping experience.

Fitness Gifts…

Well if we’re going to do some gift giving then why not make fitness gifts the gifts of choice. Because of this I went and did a little brainstorming and came up with some great fitness gifts for you to add to Santa’s bag of goodies. That’s right, instead of milk and cookies we’re talking about leaving out a plate of kale and a bottled water. Ok, maybe we’re not going that extreme, but we are going strong! (Note: Just click on the images for further details)

1. Power: Power is one that I can’t honestly say that I haven’t seen yet, however I am very familiar with DeFranco’s work and much of his systematic approach to training. I have heard some great things about Power and this one is especially good if you happen to be a solid athlete looking to ramp up your athletic performance while gaining some different perspective on your training. If you are looking for fitness gifts to improve either you or a loved one’s explosiveness on the court, in the ring, or on the field of play then this one is a great start. I wouldn’t plug it if I didn’t think it was a good idea. 

Shop today!

2. The TRX: The TRX training system is a fantastic strength training device. The reputation of the TRX precedes it pretty much as a balls out total body killer and mobile strength training device. It’s a very simple and unique piece that can join the ranks as one of those types of gifts that required a lot of thought and effort! Oh yeah, and did I mention to you guys that it is should be pretty easy to wrap. If you don’t feel like doing the wrap job then just hang it up over the tree! 






3. Heavy Long Bags: One great way to take out some stress and frustration and to get a jumpstart on those New Year’s resolutions is to invest in a couple of heavy long bags for some Muay Thai and boxing work! That’s right, with a long bag hanging in the garage or basement you can go demonstrate some of that power you developed after watching your Power DVD! You see with fitness gifts the idea is all about immediate application my friend! Make sure to get you a couple of these bad boys and get to work relieving some of that holiday stress. 

Easy Strength

4. Easy Strength: This is tremendous resource that takes a dive into how you can seriously ramp up your strength training program in order to effectively compete in most any part of your life. Fitness gifts like this one will give you some great perspective on how you can go about beating up on your competition by doing what you need to do in preparation. You know this is what ole BR is all about! At least make this one a stocking stuffer for a loved one. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it!

Convict Conditioning, Volume 2: The Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course

5. Convict Conditioning: I’ve always said if you’re going to train and are limited on resources then train like a convict or an inmate. This is a tremendous guide that gives you step by step progressions on how you can perform some SICK bodyweight drills. There are those that train and then there are those of us that train with purpose! I know if you’re reading this blog then I know where you stand my friend. Fitness gifts like this one make making the “nice” list worth it!

Save NOW on Kettlebells

6. Of Course, Kettlebells: This is the blatant obvious choice and sure wouldn’t qualify as a stocking stuffer. No way, I mean you would have to have one hell of a stocking to hold some quality cast iron such as this. Dragondoor kettlebells are necessary for your holiday purchase. You need to kick off your New Year’s resolutions with some purpose so go BIG! Order some kettlebells for either a loved one or for yourself. Don’t be a Scrooge.

7. Brandon Richey’s Better Than Steroids: Absolutely this is one of those fitness gifts that you can’t afford to pass up! Of course, it is written by yours truly and I’m now offering to give you a bunch of other stuff to go with the BRBTS ebook with your purchase including 10 Days Of FREE Coaching! 

8. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation:  Yes, I know this doesn’t qualify as one of the fitness gifts, but chances are if you haven’t ruptured a spleen from heavy deadlifting then you probably will from laughing your ass off after watching this one. I haven’t seen it on Blu-Ray, but I’ve seen this movie probably a 100 times and in the words of cousin Eddy “it’s the gift that just keeps on giving the whole year long!” 

Christmas Vacation is always a winner around the family and friends. I mean even though I haven’t seen the Blu-Ray version it’s still freaking Blu-Ray so it can’t be any worse! So go and get it…and you are welcome!

So this concludes my helping you with this year’s shopping list. Please use some of these so that you don’t go out and kill someone in the checkout line, go to prison, and have to train like a convict for REAL. You see coach BR is looking out for you! Train smart and shop smart my friend. Oh and by the way Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays)!

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8 Hard Body Power Strength Gifts For Christmas!



I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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