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A Quick Review Of Dragondoor Kettlebells…

A Quick Review Of Dragondoor Kettlebells…

So lately I’ve been getting some questions regarding the use of kettlebells as an effective implement in regards to physical training. You guys/gals know I love ’em which is why I’m going to be talking about them in today’s blogisode. To be more specific I’m going to be talking about Dragondoor kettlebells in a review format and what you can expect from them should you decide to add them as more ammo to your stockpile of strength tools! Keep on reading to learn more my friend. 

A Review On Dragondoor Kettlebells…

So if you’ve been surfing the web lately for kettlebells you’ve probably come across some Dragondoor kettlebells. There is no doubt a marketplace out there on kettlebells that will provide you with more than enough information to make your head explode if you’re not careful. 

As a strength and conditioning coach I’m constantly being asked about the use of kettlebells as an effective training implement, but more specifically as of late I’ve been getting questions regarding the type of kettlebells that I use for both myself and my students. This is exactly why I wanted to take the time today to write this post. 

First of all, Dragondoor has been around the business for kettlebells for a while. Not only do they provide equipment for advancing your strength and conditioning needs, but they also publish an abundance of information regarding fitness and human performance both related to kettle bell training and other methods of physical training as well. There is no shortage of information regarding the use of kettlebells here. 

Now before I talk about Dragondoor kettlebells  I want to talk a little about some other kettlebells you can find out on the marketplace. Whether you’re into the mindset of stockpiling your own gym, or just ready to brush up on your iron ball skills then there are some things you might want to consider before whipping out your credit card. 

“Why reinvent the wheel?”  

When it comes to kettlebells the quote above certainly applies. There have been many types of kettlebells developed over the years for the purpose of trying to pitch the “latest and greatest” type of design to catch your attention. I’ve seen kettle bells with an altered shape (at the sphere portion of the bell) to supposedly be “ergonomically friendly” to the arms of the lifter. I’ve also seen adjustable kettle bells that can come apart with the use of a pin to select the desired weight for the kettle bell lifter. I’ve seen bells with sand and water that were made of plastic…I mean plastic? 

Look I’m not saying that variation is a bad thing, especially if it comes from necessity. In other words, I’ve had some military friends (and regular readers of this blog) to construct their own medicine ball/kettlebell devices right in the field to perform lifts while on duty in God knows what part of the world.

This sort of variation is the only smart instance (and even for at home training) where I can see the value of having a differently made kettle bell. Also keep in mind that much of being able to do this effectively means you are also aware of what you want in the homemade construction process so these guys and gals have usually experimented with a lot of variation in doing these homemade versions. 

However,  if we’re talking about shooting for something that’s durable, practical, and going to be used by most of the general public over and over again in some sort of gym, or clinical setting then you probably want to invest in a cast iron type bell. This is where Dragondoor kettlebells can come into play. 

Get yourself some rugged durable cast iron Dragondoor kettlebells right here!

RCK Authentic Kettlebells

You see I’m just not crazy about the idea of an adjustable kettle bell having the potential to come apart in the middle of certain lifts/movements. In addition to this the so-called ergonomically friendly bell is really sort of defeating the purpose of the standard kettlebell design. 

You see the standard design of a kettlebell with the handle being extended away from a sphere or cannonball shaped weight is what gives the kettle bell it’s purpose. Despite the unusual shape of the bell it’s design is made for the purpose of swinging and snatching. In addition to this being able to properly hold the bell with grounded technique requires stability and significant motor control. By changing the design of the bell itself in my eyes you are essentially removing the purpose of the kettlebell altogether. 

Dragondoor kettlebells present us with a rugged and durable weight for lifting dynamically in a strength and performance type setting. Unlike competition kettlebells the Dragondoor bells do differ in size depending on the weight of the bell being lifted. In other words a 12 kg bell is going to be smaller than a 24 kg bell, whereas competition kettle bells are all the same size regardless of the weight. 

If you’re going to invest then make sure you get yourself a set of bells to grow into right here!

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Now there are pros and cons to both these types of bells if you examine them closely. I mean the competition bells allow for consistency in lifting technique due to the equality in dimensional size. This is great when teaching some base lifts and if you want the lifter to experience the same movements due to always being able to handle a bell of the same size, particularly if they are competing in a kettlebell sport. In this case consistency is vital. 

However even though the cast iron Dragondoor bells will differ in size as the weight goes up or down there can be circumstances where this may be beneficial in a versatile strength and conditioning setting. I mean let’s face it, certain movements for certain individuals may call for a smaller bell. This may be beneficial both to the lifter being able to handle a smaller bell, as well as to the circumstances of the lifter being smaller in size and structure as well. 

I regularly use Dragondoor kettlebells and have found that they definitely withstand the test of time in the most rugged environments. I’ve regularly used mine to train indoors, outdoors, and even on the moon. Ok, maybe not on the moon. 

My point is that they are rugged and can take a beating. Dragondoor kettlebells are durable and they don’t chip or rust, at least in my own personal experience. They are painted with a rust resistant coating and even if they scuff I haven’t witnessed any rusting whatsoever in the past 6 years of using my own set. 

This is another great resource for assisting you in your kettlebell lifting needs! 

Enter The Kettlebell

Keep in mind that when you get your own you will want to use some fine grit sandpaper in order to scuff the handles to allow for better gripping. I have scuffed mine with a fine grit paper and it makes a world of difference in what you are able to do with the kettle bell afterwards in terms of lifts. 

If you neglect the scuffing of the handle be warned that it may “feel” a bit slick in your hands so take a minute or two of your time to make that trip to Home Depot to get some sandpaper to scuff that grip. You’ll thank me for that simple suggestion later on! 

I hope you enjoyed this simple review of Dragondoor kettlebells. If you were thinking of getting your own in order to mold yourself into a hardened chunk of granite then maybe this little review helped you to make a better decision. If so you’ll end up getting a lot for your money and save a lot of space in the process. Stay strong and keep training smart. 

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