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The Finisher HIIT Workout To Close Out Your Day’s Training

The Finisher HIIT Workout To Close Out Your Day’s Training

  1. From time to time to close out your day’s training do you perform finisher HIIT workouts? 
  2. Are you familiar with what a finisher is and how to inject it into your training? 
  3. How often do you incorporate finishers into your workouts?

Before I go any further I want to preface by stating the obvious which is that the whole point of your training should be to aim at getting you better. I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach in Atlanta now for nearly 20 years. This has always been the goal.

I think sometimes a common misconception about professional programs is that they are all designed to leave you face down in a puddle of your own sweat and misery with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) to follow up for the following week.

The Finisher HIIT Workout

The goal is to not beat you down and leave you in a puddle of your own sweat and misery after every workout. In terms of  developing and directing you through quality professional programming this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I mean any average Joe can walk in off the street and make a workout “hard.” Hell, do a 100 burpees right now and that’s hard.

A torn jump rope setting on the floor that has torn in the middle and is in two pieces.

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Not hard enough? Ok if that’s not hard enough then do a 1000 burpees! You see my point.

It’s easy to make a workout hard, but it’s another thing entirely to make you stronger, fitter, mobile, and resistant to injury. This takes an understanding of human movement.

Being able to understand where your body is restricted, weak, and unstable and how to improve it is what gets you better.

However there is a time and a place to kick things into overdrive and challenge your grit. This is where the finisher comes into the equation. So what the hell is a finisher?

So when I talk about including a good “finisher” into your training the purpose is to place you in some real discomfort.

In other words, I know I just said not all workouts are about being “hard,” or “difficult,” but some workouts are designed just for that when you are ready for them.

Because of this I want to include finishers into the equation.

For example, an exercise, or small group of exercises that are designed to be placed in right at the end of your normal workout is what is known as a finisher. Therefore the goal of the finisher is to finish off your day’s training. hence the name finisher.

Because finishers are meant to drive up your exertion level these are quicker smaller workouts that you squeeze in right at the end of your training.

To create a little sting with your workouts you need to design a good finisher. These aren’t going to be pleasant.

There are a few interesting things that come to mind with good finishers. Such elements include lactic acid build up in the muscle, heavy respiration, and a pulse that can be felt in your ears as one student told me one time after a particular grueling finisher.

Why End With A Finisher HIIT Workout?

A black and white image of a long punching and kicking bag that is torn at the top.

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So why should you end your training with a good finisher? You should end your training with these because of the following…

  • accelerated fat loss
  • extremely time efficient
  • increase work capacity/conditioning
  • increase mental toughness and ability to endure “the suck”

You need a good finisher if you’ve been on point with your training.

So to end out your day’s training here’s a solid finisher HIIT workout for you to include into your own training…

Circuit: For a single working set perform the following three exercises back to back to back in the circuit without rest. Perform 3 to 5 rounds of the circuit to finish out your day’s training. Intermediate to advanced trainees with healthy joints can do this circuit.


Mountain climbers: 20

Knee tuck jumps: 10

Jumping jacks: 20


Finisher HIIT Workout: The Takeaway

Just as I stated earlier above all the goal of your training should be to make you better in terms of your performance and fitness. Therefore, this only happens if you’re getting stronger and more resistant to injury. Consequently finishers aren’t meant to be implemented after every training session. As a result just keep in mind that this is why they should be included when the time is right.

Do you currently implement finishers in your own workouts? 

How often do you perform finishers with your own training? 

Post up and share here below in the comments. 

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I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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