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The Kettlebell 300 Workout – An Explanation Of This Gruesome Workout For The Spartans!

The Kettlebell 300 Workout – An Explanation of This Gruesome Workout For the Spartans!

300 by Sleeper Cell. 

If you have seen the movie then you probably saw a pretty accurate depiction of King Leonidas in terms of his fitness level. Gerard Butler no doubt went through a physical hell to get his body ready for the big screen, but the benefits were obvious to the movie goer. Since the movie there have been many people to create and use different variations of the infamous 300 workout. I want to address a version that I am partial to because of the simplicity of the concept.

The 300 workout that I am talking about teaching you is the kettlebell version. You first need to get yourself a kettlebell that will somewhat challenge you even in a moderate workout. This is important because the 300 workout will certainly challenge you in a whole new way. You basically want to come up with 10 different exercises with the kettlebell. The number 300 comes from the total number of reps that will be executed in the workout. You basically have 10 kettlebell exercises that will consist of 30 repetitions each. If you are a true Spartan you can complete this evil task in under 40 minutes. Now this is no doubt a killer program that will breed killer results. However, if you unable to complete the workout as described then you can modify it to suit your progress. A good example here would be to try 200 reps instead of the full 300. This will at least get you going in the right direction.

What are you waiting for? Can you hold your end up the way King Leonidas and the Spartans did at Thermopylae? Grab your kettlebell and embark on the strength training adventure of your life!

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