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The Walk Of Pain – 2 Walking Exercises With The Kettlebell That Cause Pain And Big Gains!

The Walk of Pain – 2 Walking Exercises With the Kettlebell That Cause Pain and Big Gains!

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To start, you need a couple of bells and a little experience in handling the weight. This “Walk of Pain” involves 2 different exercises that basically involve walking with the iron bell. Both will allow you to develop core stability, balance, and strength all from a loaded walk.

1. Overhead Press and Walk: This exercise is much harder than you would think. Once again, you need a flat surface that is about 30 yards in length. You want to basically clean and press the kettlebell overhead and walk the full distance of 60 yards. The 30 yard length only counts as one way or half of the set. Clean and press to walk down and back the 30 yard distance equalling 60 yards and then switch arms to do the same thing on the other side. Make sure that you keep the elbow locked into place and suck the shoulder into the socket to secure the bell overhead. Repeat this pattern 3 times on each side to start.

2. Farmer’s Walk: This is the second half of the “Walk of Pain.” This is the drill that will involve both bells even though it can be executed with one bell. Using the same 30 yard flat distance of surface as before you want to squat to pick up both kettlebells. With a bell in each hand you simply just want to walk the full distance of 60 yards. This a round trip of the marked off distance. These walks will intensify your kettlebell fitness program and rocket you to new fitness heights! This redefines walking exercise.

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