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The Kettlebell Fat Terminator – The Swing And Push-Up Combination Totalling 400 Reps!

The Kettlebell Fat Terminator – The Swing and Push-Up Combination Totalling 400 Reps!


  1. Are you looking for a challenging kettlebell workout to revolutionize your fitness? 
  2. Are you serious about your training and a results oriented individual? 
  3. Do you have an interest in time efficient workouts that require minimal equipment?

So what is so special about the kettlebell fat terminator? Well the short answer is that it’s simple and sinister. So as you know the kettlebell swing is the base lift with the kettlebell that involves a ballistic pulling movement pattern. As a result, this is an exercise that targets hundreds of muscles and generates an awesome production of lean muscle mass when you apply it to your training on a regular basis!

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