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20 Yards Of Misery! – A Killer Workout That Uses Your Body-Weight And 20 Yards Of Space

20 Yards of Misery! – A Killer Workout That Uses Your Body-Weight and 20 Yards of Space

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Before you do anything you have to find a flat grassy surface and 20 yards of space. Mark off 20 yards and break out your timer. You are about to embark on an outdoor physical hell that will turn you into a hard-body fitness machine!

When you find the ground that you are going to use make sure you warm up your muscles appropriately. You will structure your 20 yards of misery to meet your level of ability of course. Next, you have to figure out your workout. To do this you have to be a bit creative because you must come up with 10 different styles of exercises to execute while covering the 20 yards of distance each time. For example, you may want to jump forward like continuously bounding until you cover the 20 yard distance. Next you might want to do power skips or bear crawls. The key is to stay creative. Take the time beforehand to sit down and write it all down before going out to begin. When you execute each exercise you want to use your timer to keep your rest time down to about 1 minute to 1 minute 15 seconds. All the exercises are to be performed with nothing but your own body-weight. When you master the body-weight exercise then you can intensify the drills by including medicine balls, weighted-vest, or dumbells.

Make sure that you stay strict with the recovery time and you will quickly see how this 20 yards of Misery is a great asset to include in your strength and conditioning program.

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