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What Life Habit Can You Do 20 Minutes Daily To Improve Your Life In 30 Days?

What Life Habit Can You Do 20 Minutes Daily To Improve Your Life In 30 Days?

  1. Are you interested in improving your current situation by starting a new life habit? 
  2. How long does it take to form a life habit? 
  3. Why are you looking to change the direction of your life? 

These are all interesting questions.

Personally I’m usually resistant to placing a time limit on self-improvement. In other words, if I’m going to do something to improve my life, or make my life better as you put it, then I’m going to automatically work to put that behavior into practice until I can master that behavior.

Forming A Life Habit

It was once thought it took about 21 days to form a habit with a new behavior. Now some studies have debunked this saying that this may work for simple tasks such as newly trying to include a glass of water with every meal.

Let’s face it including a glass of water with dinner is a pretty simple behavior and can probably be established as a habit after 21 days. However other more challenging behaviors apparently take much longer before a habit is established.

Tasks that involve physical improvement, or laying the groundwork to pursue a business just take a lot more time and energy…period.

If you’re looking for a specific number then many psychological studies like to spit out the 66 day rule. This may or may not be accurate, but I really don’t care about that number. Personally I prefer the 10,000 rep rule.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.—Bruce Lee

Yes, I realize that Bruce is talking about practicing kicks in the quote, but it’s also a metaphor for developing mastery and proficiency in any skill that you choose to pursue in life.

In order to master a certain skill, task, or behavior you need to work your ass off at it, tweak it, and continue to improve it over 10,000 times before you can master it.

I’m just going to be straight with you…this is NOT going to happen in 30 days for anyone!

Life Habit: Improve Your Physical Fitness

I would recommend improving your physical fitness if you’re truly committed and serious about improving your life.

A quality level of physical fitness will improve your life in several ways beyond physical health.

As a strength and conditioning coach and professional trainer I can tell you that some of the most successful people I’ve worked with have gone all in with improving their physical fitness.

Exercising and developing a stronger body includes developing a stronger mind. When you work to improve your physical fitness you will also improve your mental fitness. You must understand that the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

It takes discipline to become fit and that discipline starts with the attitude that exists in thoughts that arise in that space between your ears.

Life Habits Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

These days I witness a lot of people that get too comfortable with being soft and living a cushy lifestyle. Hell, with the advent of technology this has been a huge side effect on our society.

I personally see this as a huge problem as such softness has created an obesity problem, a lack of commitment with life pursuits, and a large culture out in the world that embraces a victim mentality.

The only way for you to overcome these things is learning how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

No matter your social or economic status you need structure and one simple way to start creating some structure in your life is by honing your discipline through improving your fitness and physical health.

If habits are designed to better your life then I’m not big fan of “temporary” goals and “temporary” life habits.

I think a lot of people walk around in society today and embrace this attitude of just doing enough to get by.

I don’t believe in coasting.

In my view you’re either getting better, or you’re moving backwards…period.

Now don’t get me wrong I think it’s ok to take a breath and reset the ole batteries from time to time, but for the most part I’ve also seen where such breaks end up becoming bad habits themselves with a lot of people in today’s world getting stuck in that mode of action.

This is a mindset and culture that tends to dominate more in our society rather than the mindset of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

To be disciplined takes work.

Life Habits: The Takeaway

You actually need to stop and put the thought in your mind that you WILL execute a task and then follow that up with the actual implementation of that task if you are disciplined.

The discipline to produce the habit requires you to stop and think about the action each time reminding yourself to perform it until one day you really don’t have to remind yourself because it just becomes a part of you.

What are you focusing on now to get 1% better in your own life? 

What fitness life habits are you doing consistently to improve your life? 

Post and share in the comments here below. 

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