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Top 5 Habits To Improve Your Life

Top 5 Habits To Improve Your Life

  1. Are you serious about making changes in your life to improve it? 
  2. Do you find yourself searching for ways to build yourself up? 
  3. What areas of your life are you struggling with the most? 
  4. What do you think you need to work to improve in your own life? 

If you’re looking to improve your life then you need to understand that it is a daily pursuit that requires consistent effort. In order to build anything you must be willing to lay it brick by brick and this will only happen if you have the discipline and daily grind to carry out the necessary steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day and both your life and mine won’t be either.

Habits To Improve Your Life

If you’re looking towards improving your life you must demonstrate that you can commit to certain things on a consistent basis in order to yield the results you desire the most. Knowing this you can’t scatter yourself, lose focus, or allow yourself to be swayed from your path. Distractions and a lack of focus will absolutely derail you and keep you from obtaining any desired goals.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.—Bruce Lee

When looking at the following habits that I provide you here I promise you that if you can demonstrate a daily focus and the ability to stick to the execution of these habits then your mindset and life will completely transform for the better. I put my reputation on it!

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Embrace the right attitude:

I’ve written about this story before on another question, but it’s worth repeating. When I was a kid my dad kept this quote by Charles Swindoll on our refrigerator so that the family would see it every morning before work and school. The quote was rather lengthy, but it was the last line that put the whole thing into context.

It read…

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.—Charles Swindoll

The focus of the entire quote was based around attitude. Swindoll points out that your attitude is more important than money, skill, circumstances, failures, and successes.

He says that we can’t control how other people will engage us, how others will react to us, but the one thing we do have a choice in daily is the attitude we choose to embrace. I believe this to be the first step to building mental strength. Without the right attitude you can’t compartmentalize life’s obstacles as they come firing towards you.

Believe me I’ve had to sit and think on this quite a few times in my life when things were going rough and my dad had communicated to me later in life that he did much the same. This starts out as a mindset, but it should transition into a belief.

This sort of thing is truly a choice and you MUST take the time to slow down your thinking to consciously make that choice as you head into your day.

Nurture your network

One simple habit you can put into play is working daily to grow and build your network. This is not as complicated as you might think.

To do this just set a small daily goal to accomplish. This can involve you making a point to talk to one new person everyday. Of course you can do more than one, but at the very least make it a point to speak to one new stranger everyday.

This can even involve you simply finding a way to say hello and to strike up a conversation with someone at the coffee shop, at the diner, or at the gym in the morning before you start your day. Observe people around you and if you feel that it’s a good opportunity to target a specific individual then do so.

Now there are a couple of reasons I’m pointing this out.

First, that stranger might have a zero in common with you and if that is the case then no problem. You lose nothing from having extended an opportunity to open up a dialogue, however if you find common ground then at the very least you could make a new friend.

Secondly, if you end up making a good connection you may find that this person and you share common ground on a professional level. Often times I find that when meeting a new person that even if we don’t have something directly in common related to work that they usually have a friend, or relative that does.

Connections can lead to a new client for your business, a referral, or even a new friend. Take the time to nurture your network.

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Apply the P.P.C. method

The P.P.C. method stands for Pull something, Push something, and Carry something.

If you want to develop habits that will improve your life then you MUST engage your physical body to improve your fitness and strength.

Why is this important?

Well your physical and mental health are NOT mutually exclusive. These two things don’t work separately, but rather together to help influence how you deal with life.

I mean think about this for a moment.

If you introduce physical struggle into your life through training by lifting and moving things you are constantly training your mental outlook on how to deal with life.

If you experience a failed lift from pushing something like a barbell during the bench press then do you just simply give up? No, you get back on the bench and you keep working until you’re able to hit your marks during your workouts.

This is why it’s so crucial for you to apply the P.P.C. method to your life. Life isn’t always going to go smoothly with your attempt to close that big deal, to land that client, or to get that anticipated pay raise. Shit happens.

However, if you’re mentally and physical stronger then you’re going to be better equipped to deal with it. Failure is not fatal…unless you accept that defeat is your reality. I’m telling you that the stronger you are mentally and physically you’re going to be less likely to accept defeat as your reality.

So get into the weight room, or out in your garage and push something like a dumbbell, or a barbell. Pull something like a sled, or do some pull-ups. Carry something like a heavy pair of kettlebells, or dumbbells.

Learn to constantly hone and improve your physical strength so that you can more effectively carry that discipline over to your work and professional life.

Focus to be grateful for what you do have instead of what you don’t

To achieve and to maintain success you MUST learn to ground yourself. One of the biggest things you can do to set your attitude and to ground yourself is to be grateful for what you do have.

I know for some that may be difficult to swallow especially if you feel you have virtually nothing to be grateful for, but if you’re thinking that I’m telling you that you’re wrong!

You have a lot to be grateful for. In fact if you’re even reading this I believe life set you up to see this very post. That’s right, I believe all the circumstances that have played out in your life from hour to hour, from day to day, and from week to week have led you up to this very moment where you’re reading this answer. I don’t think that’s an accident.

Your life is NOT an accident. You have a gift and the fact that you’re reading this is evidence that you have something to offer and God and the universe is guiding you through these circumstances and you have to understand and accept that.

If you can accept that then that’s your first step towards gratitude.

Discipline, motivation, and giving up some freedom

Another essential habit that you need to employ is the discipline to pursue your work and your dreams. You see discipline is a tough thing, but it is the ONLY thing that will get you to where you want to go.

One way to put all of these things together is to demonstrate discipline. This means you must wake every single day and implement these strategies along with your attempt to execute a to do list that will take you closer and closer to your bigger goals.

To do this means that you will have to invest the time and you must have the discipline to give up some free time in order to do so.

You must be willing to tell your friends no when it comes to going out on the weekends if you have to catch up on some essential tasks that will take you to that next level.

You see discipline influences motivation and motivation influences discipline. Let that sink in for a second.

The thing about motivation is that people typically confuse it with inspiration.

You see inspiration is that big play you see in the game that makes everyone stand up and cheer, or that song that comes on the radio that makes the hair on your neck stand up.

You see inspiration involves those moments where you’re dishing out high fives and fist pumping from excitement. Inspiration is great, but the problem with inspiration is that it is always temporary.

That’s right, inspiration is all about the moment. However motivation is ongoing. Motivation MUST come from within.

I tell my students all the time that motivation is all about early mornings, late evenings, and working through the weekends. Motivation is about not being afraid to be alone to get the work done.

Motivation requires discipline and once you implement that discipline and start seeing the results of your actions then the motivation will come back around full circle to reinforce your discipline!

Bonus Habit: Be More Stoic

To be more stoic means that you should strive to see the world for what it is. You should not rely on external events for your happiness. Instead recognize that we can only rely on ourselves and our own responses through our behavior.

This school of thought is essential. This is because it sets out to remind us just how unpredictable the world around us can be. To be stoic means you truly have to work at being steadfast, strong, and in control of yourself rather than allowing your knee jerk reflexive emotions to a situation dictate your happiness, or current standing.

This truly is a challenging thing because it requires a strong self-discipline. However, if you can adopt this frame of mind it will help you to keep life in perspective. This will offer you balance whether you’re experiencing excitement in good times, or sorrow and anger in the bad times.

As a stoic if your wife, or girlfriend, leaves you acknowledge it, but realize you are strong. Understand immediately you can control a better path for yourself as you are ultimately better off without her.

If you can live with this mindset then when such an event happens you will be set to move ahead. This will equip you with steadfast discipline and without allowing much of the external event to hold you back. Ask yourself “Am I really better off fighting an unwinnable fight, or shifting my path to fight the fight I can win?

The same goes for you if you happen to lose your job, or if that business deal you were hoping for fails to come through. You must recognize that the world is unpredictable and that those things are a real possibility.

Now understand that you shouldn’t allow the possibility of knowing this to hold you back. Don’t allow fear to inject itself into your decision making. Rather learn to prepare yourself for what the world simply “is.”

So work to be more stoic. Control your emotions.

Habits To Improve Your Life: The Takeaway

When adopting these habits you must also work to transform your thinking, your mindset, and attitude as you look ahead. This is the only way you’ll be able to TRULY transform yourself. You need this to make the improvements you need to accomplish your goals and to protect yourself.

What habits are you currently trying to adopt to improve your life? 

What goal are you currently pursuing? 

Post up and share here in the comments below. 

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