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Beginner HIIT Workout For Lean Muscle And Cardio

Beginner HIIT Workout For Lean Muscle And Cardio

  1. Are you a beginner, or out of practice when it comes your conditioning? 
  2. Do you want to learn how start conditioning yourself to build up to some effective HIIT? 
  3. Are you interested in learning about some impactful conditioning? 

So if you’re a novice, but are interested and motivated to start a beginner HIIT workout for improving your fitness then you need to make sure you read today’s article. Like any smart training program the key to improvement is about making intelligent progression.

Beginner HIIT Workout: What Is HIIT? 

So what is HIIT?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This type of workout would typically involve you selecting one or two exercises at the most to perform with as much effort as possible for the given movement.

Black and white photo of a heavy boxing bag hanging by chains.

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The idea is to perform the exercise for a designated amount of time, or reps for an intense working interval. Once you’ve completed the interval the idea is to rest for a brief amount of time before repeating another working interval.

Now keep in mind that all of these variables may vary as there is more than just one top of HIIT workout. For instance, the Tabata HIIT workout protocol is one type of HIIT workout.

This particular protocol calls for performing a given exercise for 8 intervals of all out effort for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. These 8 intervals would then be followed up by 2 minutes of cool down.

This is a blistering protocol and if you don’t think that sounds like a challenge then I’m here to tell you that if you want to give it a try then don’t say I didn’t warn you.

However for today’s post I want to give you a simple beginner workout to help you build a foundation for your body conditioning so that you can adapt to more intense working intervals.

Beginner HIIT Workout

To help you to adapt and build a solid foundation for your conditioning I’m a big proponent of teaching trainees how to get comfortable being on their feet. Calisthenics and general footwork are great methods you can utilize to build onto your fitness in very impactful way.

To help you do this I want to offer a couple of beginner workouts to help you kick your conditioning into high gear and these require zero equipment besides the use of an interval timer on your smarphone. I think you’ll find the following couple of workouts a great start for you to get you to the next level.

Just keep in mind that when reading the following workout protocol you will see the exercise mentioned followed by two numbers with an “x” between them. For example if you saw push-ups 3×10 then that would mean that you want to perform push-ups for 3 sets of 10 repetitions. The first number designates the number of sets and the second number designates the number of repetitions.

Beginner HIIT Workout #1 

Brandon Richey performing high knee sprints in place for a HIIT workout.

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Perform the following workout twice a week for 2 weeks before advancing to beginner HIIT workout #2.

Warm up: 

Ankle circles: 10 clockwise 10 counterclockwise

Stretch kicks: 10 each leg

Skips: 5×10 yard skips

Workout: Perform the following movement and allow for 10 seconds rest between each set.

Jumping Jacks: 10×30=300 reps


Beginner HIIT Workout #2 

Warm up:

Ankle circles: 10 clockwise 10 counterclockwise

Stretch kicks: 10 each leg

Skips: 5×10 yard skips

Workout: Perform the following movement and allow for 1 minute rest between working sets.

Skip in place: 10×1 minute working intervals (rest 1 min between)


Beginner HIIT Workout #3

Warm up:

Ankle circles: 10 clockwise 10 counterclockwise

Stretch kicks: 10 each leg

Skips: 5×10 yard skips

Workout: Perform the following sprints at about 75% speed and allow for 30 seconds rest

Sprints: 10×50 yards=500 total yards


Beginner HIIT Workouts: The Takeaway

These workouts are a great way for you to get your body used to the anaerobic conditioning that will be required for more intense workouts. By stimulating your nervous system just enough for a few short weeks you’ll quickly be able to progress your fitness so that you can perform more intense working intervals.

Are you currently about to begin a HIIT workout program? 

How many days a week do you condition your body? 

Post up and share here below in the comments. 

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