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Dominate Life And Live Strong With These 10 Rules

Dominate Life And Live Strong With These 10 Rules

The original publishing date of today’s article was back on October 22, 2015. I thought that this was something that needed to be rolled out today to give your attitude and mental fitness a good polish.

We often get focused on the external things that go on around us and forget to focus on the real change that we can make which happens internally. I hope you enjoy today’s post.

I often hear people in conversations talk about life in a way that shapes negative outcomes. Many of these conversations boil down to them not being happy in relationships, feeling that the world owes them something, they’re unhappy about being out of shape, or that they are constantly broke and can’t find work.

I personally believe life is what it is. It’s a journey full of challenges, but the biggest challenges are not those external things that happen to you, but rather what you do to react to those things!

Dominate And Live Strong

The truth is that our realities are shaped by our attitudes. For instance, let’s look at me as an example. Before sitting down to write this post I was stressing out about how to right this article.

Should I write the same ‘ole information piece involving all the movement patterns, the strength science, and how to do this or that with a list of research to back up this piece a mile long? Or, should I just sit down and write about what I feel deep down in my core?

If write what I feel deep down in my core is that too honest? Is it going to piss off some people while only appealing to a few? Yep, that was my answer…write about what I feel deep down when it comes to life, strength, and the pursuit of happiness. The rest will work itself out!

So I decided on approaching today’s topic and writing a list that I think will communicate my point. This list doesn’t include everything I feel deep down, but it’s a list that does consist of some very important things that I feel not only help me through life, but will also help you in a day to day pursuit of strength as well. As a matter of fact I guarantee these will help you in building a strong life.

Just do me favor and as you read these ask yourself how much these things are done in our current society. I believe you’ll realize that they aren’t that prevalent, but for those that do follow through with putting these rules into action they’ll start realizing the life they desire most is there, but it must be something that all of us are willing to pursue.

1. Strive to get better at one thing everyday
2. There are two ways of doing a job…the right way, or not at all. 
3. Lift something that is heavy
4. Always deliver a firm handshake…it demonstrates confidence and is a reflection of you.
5. Be helpful to others ONLY if they are willing to be helped.
6. Fix something…Your body, some woodwork, your car, etc.
7. If you’re 5 minutes early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late, and if you’re late then don’t even bother.
8. Be aware of your surroundings
9. Don’t be too dependent on electronics. Learn to get where you’re going without a GPS from time to time.
10 Don’t be a victim!

The thing is that this all should be regular practice, but sadly enough in today’s society it isn’t. Once again I’m a firm believer that our attitudes shape our outcomes in a very real and physical way. If we allow our attitude to be negative and self defeating then the outcomes will be less than desirable.

Now even though our attitudes must be spot on this also means that we must act out our attitudes in a physical way, hence the list I included above. The thing is that your mental attitude and how you communicate it (either verbally or physically) is the key to shaping more positive outcomes for you and for helping you to live a strong life.

Remember that strength is not just about building physical muscle. Strength is predominately about developing your mental, emotional, and spiritual muscles. There are layers to doing this and it’s something that you’ve got to put into practice everyday of your life in order to truly live it.

There are many aspects to this and they are all connected from being a physical strength all the way to having the emotional resiliency to build on as well. For instance, you may be mentally very strong, but it’s also important to have a high level of emotional stability and strength as well. Here’s another great explanation of this by Navy SEAL Mark Devine explaining this in terms of how it’s applied to the guys that go through hell week in BUDs training.

Now I know he was referencing a very extreme example in the video, but that’s the point. Life will have it’s extreme moments and in those moments you have to be able to weather the storm when it hits the best that you can. Having that mental toughness helps, but it also ties into having that emotional resiliency to stay calm and to resort back to thinking about solutions to the problem rather than allowing the emotions to drown out that inner voice.

Dominate And Live Strong: The Takeaway

Living a strong life isn’t easy, but if you ask me the alternative is worse. Going the other way just leads to a defeatist mindset and we don’t believe that here in the BRF camp.

Are you mentally and emotionally resilient? 

Do you have to reset your attitude on life at times? 

Post up and share in the comments here below. 

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