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The Correct Hand Position For Your Push-ups

The Correct Hand Position For Your Push-ups

  1. Is your hand position correct when you perform the push-up? 
  2. Are you aware that improper hand position will bleed you of power? 
  3. Do you know that proper hand position will optimize muscular activation making you stronger throughout your body during the push-up? 

I don’t care how strong you think you are if you can’t apply the correct hand position for your push-ups you’re killing your results from the movement. I think you’ll find today’s post to be a valuable resource for you the next time you hit the deck for some push-ups.

 Hand Position For Your Push-ups

When examining the quality of most any movement the success of that movement all starts in the set up. If you rush into a movement, or lift without the proper set up then you’re only setting yourself up for failure.

When it comes to the push-up this is especially true and it all begins with your hand position and your hand placement. So where do you start?

Well when it comes setting up the push-up you want to get into the upright position with your hands directly below your armpits. This places your body into the proper alignment and sets you up for the proper arm traction as you lower and raise your body up out of the push-up.

With this being said you still need to be aware of how your hands make contact with the ground. Performing the push-up you want to make sure that you flare your fingers out when placing them onto the ground and that you don’t rotate your wrist in or out, but rather maintain a parallel position with your hands on the ground in line with your body.

If you’re performing a push-up with your fingers squeezed together you’re not going to generate adequate force through your hands, wrists, forearms, and upper arms during the movement. Your fingers should be flared apart and you should almost grip the ground as if it’s a giant basketball with your hand fully open during the movement.

Also when pushing through the ground you should focus much of the force through the lower portion of your palm. In fact there is a sweet spot, or sort of trigger point that activates much of the muscle in your upper arm in each of your hands (pictured here).

Hand Position For Your Push-ups: The Takeaway

When it comes to getting results from your push-ups you’ve got to make sure your set up is on point and much of the success of the movement has to do with your hand placement.

Is your hand placement on point? 

Do you change your hand position for your push-ups? 

Post up and share here below. 

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