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Out Of Control Abs! A Six Pack Abs Workout From A Single Exercise!

Out of Control Abs! A Six Pack Abs Workout From a Single Exercise!

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In order to reduce body fat and get six pack abs you have got to have 2 things in place. The first thing is your nutrition and the second is a smart and well planned training program. It takes a lot more than just doing crunches to develop noticeable six pack abdominal muscles. I have included a single exercise here that can work your cardiovascular endurance, help you to build superior lean muscle mass, and rip up your abs quicker than anything you have tried.
I am glad to introduce to you the single arm overhead kettlebell snatch! You may be familiar with the ancient kettlebell by now and understand that it is basically an iron cannonball with a handle attached to it. There are many exercises that you can perform with the kettlebell, but for this article I am only going to talk about one. The overhead snatch involves the technique of pulling the bell vertically from between your legs and in one swift movement locking it out overhead. Now for such a quick explosive and highly exerting lift there are a few things to consider when performing it. To begin, when you grip the kettlebell grab it with it still on the ground. As you grip the handle make sure that you rotate you knuckles so that they are pointing to the sphere of the bell. This is called a hooking grip and will allow you to keep a firm grasp on the kettlebell throughout the movement.
Next, you will want to stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Angle the foot opposite of the lifting arm slightly outward. Next you will simply want to engage your hips and knees to forcefully flex and extend with power and, at the same time, pull the kettlebell up with your arm to a lateral position to your head. You should mimic the motion of “pulling back on a bow” with this movement. Once the kettlebell is lateral to your head at somewhat of a position that I like to call “zero gravity” simply punch your palm vertically to the sky allowing the bell to smoothly roll over the back of your forearm. You will quickly see how much of an ab workout this can be along with hundreds of other muscles necessary to pull it off.
If you want Out Of Control abs then you have got to include the overhead kettlebell snatch into your workout program, and yes it is much more challenging than performing it with a dumbell. With this single lift you are getting your entire cardio six pack abs workout! Remember that anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart.
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