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Overcome The Weakness Epidemic

Overcome The Weakness Epidemic

Today’s post is about a topic that I feel needs to be addressed stat. To me it seems that society today is falling and falling hard. The issue boils down to one single trait that plagues the masses and not only has this trait become accepted by society, but it is actually even encouraged and applauded. Tune in to find out how to combat this truly sick and very large problem.

The Virus Known As Weakness…

To start out this post I first want to preface the article by defining the term weakness so there is no misunderstanding regarding meaning and how it applies to the following post…

The definition of Weakness: 

1. The condition or quality of being weak. 

2. A deficiency in failing, as in a person’s character. 

Now as you can see under this example weakness can be characterized in a number of different ways other than one just lacking in physical strength. This is the point of today’s message and I strongly believe that it’s a point that needs to be made. Today the BRF blog is likely to piss off some weak minded people and if so then good. This simply means that we will have jumped right out in front and identified them as being part of the problem.

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To start out, I’m a big believer in identifying problems before solving them. I mean this seems like a logical approach I know, but for many this day and age logic is something that ceases to exist. Today the new thing to worship is “emotion” and “feelings.” As you may or may not know emotions and feelings can get in the way of reality.

That’s right, you see in today’s society everybody wants to cry and whine to make an excuse as to why life isn’t fair to them…as if for some reason they have a monopoly on life being difficult due their particular situation or circumstance. This is a losing belief and to me it’s the biggest sign of laziness that an individual can embrace.

Usually these people allow themselves to fall into the trap of believing they weren’t privileged enough, or educated enough, or physically gifted enough, or they didn’t look a certain way to go out into the world and successfully do something with their lives.

Sadly many of these people allow this outside noise from other parties to discourage them from going out into the world and earning their dues. Politicians convince groups of people of this all the time because they can be the cheerleaders of victims that will buy them votes…particularly in today’s political arena. This is a disgusting thing and it further perpetuates the spread of weakness as a virus that is firmly embedded into a culture that celebrates its very existence.

People say they want the truth, but when they hear it they don’t like the way it sounds. They can’t handle facts. They can’t handle the truth!

As a result instead of fighting their asses off to build something they sit in classrooms in college universities, or on their couches watching primetime news learning efficient ways to become victims of society instead of becoming problem solvers. At this stage of the game critical thinking has gone out the window and we now have an educated idiot to take its place. Like I said, I like to identify the problem before solving it and I just did in that last sentence.

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Now think about what I just said. Everything that I just mentioned is essentially an excuse and is without a doubt a bunch of characteristics in which these so-called “victims” of society have allowed someone else to put a label on them. They’ve allowed someone to stick a finger in “their” chest and tell them what they are before they even get out bed to have their first cup of milk.

Warning this video has strong language.

As you can see the follow through isn’t there. Going through discomfort would require a clear display of strength and for many this just isn’t in the cards. They’ve been infected by weakness and the virus has progressed to a terminal state for many. At this point these certain people are choosing NOT to be strong willed…it’s as simple as that.

So why do I compare this to a virus? Why that analogy? I compare this weakness epidemic to a virus because it spreads like a virus from person to person seeking out a host that will give it a home.

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The weakness virus can only survive in a friendly host that doesn’t have any fight in them. It can only survive in one that doesn’t have the strength to resist the temptation of taking up arms with an arsenal of grievances and unfairness, rather than a host that would prefer to give it the middle finger and move out into the world to build a strong life as a responsible individual that is clean of tireless excuses.

I see this everyday. I hear it everyday in people that think society owes them something. Society doesn’t owe you anything. The only thing you should work to fight against is a power that can lock you away for the rest of your life.

I’ll let you read between the lines on that one while you watch the video below to see where that fight would be appropriate as Rocky Balboa very intelligently convinces a government agency to issue him his fight license.

This is a case where the only thing that should be worth fighting for is a man’s right to exercise his rights…period. In today’s world it’s gone way beyond this.

Hell in today’s society you get people out in the world that preach tolerance, but are intolerant of you if you don’t do what they expect, or isn’t part of what they believe. Now having said that think about how tolerant that behavior is from the other person! People today actually want to discourage others from succeeding and even go so far as to pervert and leverage the rule of law to ensure the lack of success in others.

At the same time every kid in the world of sports gets a trophy. Nobody wants to feel the sting of loss, but everyone wants to feel the joy of success. Society wants to make everyone equal in result, NOT equal in opportunity.

This is the perversion. This belief system is broken, it’s always a losing bet, only weakens the spirit, weakens society, and only inflates frustration and division among those that would rather not be distracted by this damaging epidemic.

In essence society has adopted the act of teaching weakness. The truth is that success doesn’t come without failure…period. It’s not up to the VILLAGE, it’s up to the INDIVIDUAL to man up!

And that’s another thing…the words MAN UP would be considered sexist in today’s world. What the hell is happening to society? Like I said “emotions” and “feelings” are the new thing to worship.

People are too damn sensitive and weak. Well I defined it for you right here. It’s the infection of the weakness virus. Now that we’ve identified the problem go out and fix it. Cure it by calling those out that want to be that person that chooses to give in rather than fearing the possibility of giving out! Accidents happen, but by and large failure is a choice.

Remember that there is a BIG difference between the unfortunate victims of a tragedy and those that simply want to create a mindset of being a victim simply because they don’t want to take responsibility with their own actions. If you can’t make that distinction here in this post then I can’t help you…and once again your thinking is broken.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and if you didn’t then I’m sure we’ve determined you’re infected. For the rest of you feel free to drop a comment in the box below. Stay strong and keep training smart.

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I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

This Post Has 2 Comments
  1. Kickass post Brandon – do you read Bold and Determined – you sound like Vic Pride with this one. It’s been happening for a while, the pussification of the American male. It is accepted and even cultivated by some, young guys in school tell each other “I love you”, when did this shit start happening. This ties into the obesity problem and the fact kids/young people don’t play outside anymore. Match this with the “everybody is a winner philosophy” and you can see where we are heading. Thanks for the post Brandon
    DaveP –

    1. Thanks so much Dave! I haven’t read any of Vic’s stuff, but it sounds like we are on the same page with this one. Yes, I truly believe that weakness is a widespread epidemic in our society. Life’s focus these days is no longer about working hard to get ahead, but rather proving who is the bigger victim. People do this because they know they can be rewarded by a society that caters to those under the protection of political correctness.

      If victimhood is growing in a certain manner then many others (those infected by the weakness virus) can just simply ride the coattails of that group to get the necessary attention with their own grievances. This is weak. The alternative is rising above this by associating yourself with others to create value for both yourself, family, and friends. Anything to the contrary in my view only feeds the ongoing problem of a victim based society that is too weak and too lazy to step up to legitimately solve problems.

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