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The Ronin Workout

The Ronin Workout

Ronin: A samurai with no lord or master; a lone warrior. 

Today’s workout is called The Ronin Workout because I think it’s fitting for those of you who may like to train predominately on your own, or with a very select group, to just “get it done.” In this way you are self guided, much like a Ronin samurai that may seek out a mission to accomplish on his or her own. This is why I believe you’ll appreciate today’s workout. 

The Ronin Workout

The purpose of The Ronin Workout is to demonstrate to you how you can achieve a high level of functional movement and work capacity in order to perform and to look your best. The Ronin Workout demonstrates how you can achieve this by mastering a lot with a little in terms of equipment and guidance. Well, at least I’ll provide some guidance for you here! Now start learning to move like a samurai! 

A black and white image of a Brandon Richey Fitness student and Thai fighter focused on his Kru wearing head gear.

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Warm Up:

Jumping Jacks:  3×50

Rolling “V” Stretch: 5

A Skips: 3×15 R&L Legs

Kettlebell Static Groin Stretch: 10 With A Pause At The Bottom Of Goblet squat

Shoulder Warm Up: Palms To Face; Palms To Head–15 R&L Arms

Cone Drills For Agility, Footwork, And Conditioning

8 Cone Knee Pops–3 Sets Of 8 Cones (Note: Advancing the 8 cones in both directions, Right to Left leg, counts as a single repetition. Emphasize the lift of the knee that is going over the cones more than the outside knee.)

3 Step Acceleration/Deceleration Cone Drills–3 Sets Of 8 Cones (Note: Advancing the 8 cones in both directions, Right to Left, counts as a single repetition. Perform 3 strides/backpedals to advance to and from each cone.)

Box Or Bleacher Jumps–3×10 (Note: Scale the height based on your ability level. DO NOT rush trying to go too high if you are just starting into plyometrics. Before start training plyometrics I’d recommend you seek professional help. This is important because you should allow for an adequate adaptation phase.

When performing plyometric jumps make sure your jumps are flawless in execution. Jump hard, but land soft on the surface of the box or bleacher with the middle part of your foot. Don’t land on the balls of your feet. Control your landing. I recommend trying to advance 12″ at a time in height. For instance a steady progression would include a  12″ box to 24″ box, to 36″box, etc.) 

Jump Squats–3×7 (Perform the jumps in continuous succession.)

Strength: Medicine Balls, Bodyweight, And Kettlebells (Note: Whenever you see the “superset” tag mentioned before a pair of exercises perform the first mentioned exercise and designated number of reps and immediately after perform the next mentioned exercise and designated number of reps. With the supersets here you will ONLY perform two different exercises back to back…no more than two! 

Black and white image of Brandon performing a set of heavy incline dumbbell bench press.

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Double Arm Kettlebell Swing–4×25 (Use moderately heavy bell) 

Dive Bomber Push Ups–4×5


Kettlebell Snatches–3×5 R&L arm (Note: Go moderately heavy to heavy)

Woodchopper Medicine Ball Slams–3×5 R&L sides (Note: Perform with a ball that’s challenging, but still allows for quick movement. The objective is to build quickness in the torso and reaction time.)

Plyo-Push Ups–3×7


The Ronin Workout: The Takeaway

Make sure to get clarification on all of the drills mentioned here in today’s workout. Most importantly make sure you’re proficient at the movement before progressing to attempting a more intense movement. Perform the movements focusing on the quality of the movement as priority number one!

Are you performing workouts like this in your garage gym, or in your yard? 

Do you have an at home gym? 

Post up and share in the comments here below. 

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I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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