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Strength Training Musings; How To Effectively Face Punch The New Year!

Strength Training Musings; How To Effectively Face Punch The New Year!

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Well with 2013 closing in I thought that today’s post should include some deep thought about strength training, strength training goals, and a few other of my ideas and methods on how to get the jump on the new year just like a punch to the face! Perhaps I can offer some insight for you so that you can hit 2013 right between the eyes right along with me. If you like the sound of this then just keep on reading.

Bringing In The New Year…

No doubt 2013 is going to be an interesting year especially if you happen to be a small business owner just like me. It seems that building a business and a brand is something that continues to be more and more of a challenge to pull off year after year. One thing I’ve learned in being an athlete, a competitor, and small business owner is that there are always people out there that are striving to either beat me straight up, or even worse are looking for an opportunity to hold me back in some other less face to face manner. There are always players in the game, but some are dirtier than others. You are faced with the same thing whether you are in the business world, or you happen to be an athletic competitor. The fact is the world is full of different kinds of competitors my friend..

The bottom line is that both you and myself have to always be ready. Preparation is the key to success in any endeavor. In terms of strength training it seems that in the fitness industry there are many trainers and coaches out there that offer advice and have different philosophies on training in what is MOSTLY right, on what is MOSTLY effective, and what is mostly BEST. Now you’re probably sitting there staring at your computer screen thinking well Mr. Brandon that’s exactly what you are doing!

Convict Conditioning, Volume 2: The Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course

Well, you would be right! As I’m smacking down these words on my keyboard for you to later read and process I am telling you what I do specifically believe about what works in strength and fitness based on a combination of variables including my education and experiences. All any coach or trainer can offer is their perspective. The difference in whether or not you are buying in to what any of us is selling is that YOU ARE buying what we are selling! Let that one sink in for a second.

The point is that if I do a good job of selling you based on your ability of deductive reasoning and some good ole personal application then you’ll know what I’m offering has value. If you aren’t buying it then you don’t. It’s that simple. Now the point of all of this is that coming into the New Year there is going to be more and more fluff out there on the internet when it comes to various strength training programs and various training implements. There is going to always be the LATEST and GREATEST thing. Now don’t get me wrong there are great programs out there on the web, but sometimes I think trainers and coaches want to try and include so much all the time that they allow themselves to become diluted.

I like to think of myself as being a versatile type of strength coach that includes everything in my strength training programs from soft tissue work, to dynamic stretching/warm up, to corrective exercise for imbalances, and all the way down the line to using kettlebells and medicine balls for some good ole dependable functional movement. The reason I’m telling you this is because this is going to continue to be my pledge to you for the New Year! Effective training doesn’t mean you have to be the fanciest looking; it just means that you get bigger results!

Easy Strength

Strength Training Goals…

Yep, I’m going to distinguish for you about what is fluff and what is REAL in terms of getting you results coming into 2013. Also in the New Year I’m going to get “Camera” jacked! That’s a strength coach’s way of saying I’m going to get “photo ready” or ready to look good for the camera. The reason is that I want to include more up to date photos on the site including both myself and my students for your viewing pleasure. I just figured trying to include more pictures is probably a good idea!

As for some additional New Year’s Resolutions I also want to encourage you to set some “specific” strength goals along with me. For instance, if you want to hit a 405 or 505 deadlift then that is specific. In setting these specific goals I also want to encourage you to post them to my Facebook page here for the world to see that way you will have to do it! 🙂 I also want to invite you to post a challenging training session. Last week I posted a high volume work capacity training session where I hammered out 100 snatches with a 72 lb. kettlebell and then hammered 100 push ups. Yep, I was feeling that one. I’ve got one word to describe that one; “SUCK.”

In 2013 I also want to include more movie reviews in my blog! Yep, I know it’s a fitness and strength blog, but it’s my fitness and strength blog and I like movies! Over the holidays I saw Tom Cruise in his new flick Jack Reacher which was one a*s kicking ride from start to finish. This is one that you have to get to the theater to see. Trust me you’ll thank me later, plus if you are a man it is part of your duty. 😉 Yes ladies it’s a testosterone jacked face punching 2 hours of explosive ball busting action. So go with your husband or boyfriend. You can use it for leverage to get him to one of your movies later. Just for God sake please don’t let it be Twilight.

You see I told you it was good and now you’ve got a taste. Well, I’m looking forward to 2013 and I’m grateful for your support and interest in my blog. The fact is that without you following, sharing, and referring this site I wouldn’t be able to do what I do so here’s a virtual high five to you my friend. Now let’s grab 2013 by the horns and make our mark together!

If you need some help in the meantime you know you can order a copy of my Brandon Richey’s Better Than Steroids ebook for yourself to kickoff the New Year right!

Also don’t forget that you can get a copy for your Amazon Kindle right here! Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend. Face punch the New Year by starting your smart strength training for 2013 right now!







I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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