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5 High Impact HIIT Workouts You Can Do With No Equipment

5 High Impact HIIT Workouts You Can Do With No Equipment

  1. Are you working towards efficiency? 
  2. When it comes to your fitness are you training for optimal results with limited time and equipment? 
  3. Are you in need of effective workouts that you can apply to your life that require little to no equipment? 

You need to examine some high impact HIIT workouts. You’re walking around in one of the most effective pieces of training equipment that you have at your disposal. That’s right, your body combined with gravity are all you need for you to take care of your day’s work. Therefore, if you’re a little lost on how to do this effectively then make sure you continue reading.

Simple High Impact HIIT Workouts 

I’m always harping on the point that training should be simple, but that simple doesn’t always mean easy. These are two different things that people often conflate. So when I refer to an approach, or strategy as being simple I’m referring to the idea that it should be simple in understanding. In other words, the concept should be easy to grasp.

However understanding a concept and physically applying it are two completely different things! This is going to be the case here today with these high impact HIIT workouts as well.

A few things to note:

In the following high impact HIIT workouts you’ll need to make sure to fully read and follow the instructions and the plan in it’s entirety. Above all, don’t skip out on steps because you think something is inconvenient, or not needed.

The point here is to provide you with quality workouts to get you results and results only come if you follow instructions and demonstrate that you can follow through with a plan. This is because everything I list I do thinking ahead of every scenario possible to meet your needs.

Being that I can’t possibly know your limits, fitness, or ability level I make the workouts more comprehensive. This is so that I can sleep well at night knowing that you can get through them safely and effectively.

With that being said I’m going to clarify a few things regarding the following workouts before you get started.

Firstly, whenever you see an exercise mentioned you’ll see the exercise first followed by two numbers separated by an “x.” So the first number mentioned designates the number of sets you’re to perform for the given exercise while the second number designates the number of repetitions you’re to perform. Therefore an example may look like this: Push-ups 3×15.

In this example you’d perform 3 sets of push-ups consisting of 15 reps per set. Additionally, you might also see the word superset before a pair of exercises.

In this case you would perform the first mentioned exercise and its designated number of repetitions. Immediately follow this  by executing the second mentioned exercise and it’s designated number of reps.

An example of this would look like the following:


Push-ups: 3×15=45

Sprints: 3×30 yards=90 yards

In this example you’d want to complete a set of push-ups for 15 reps immediately followed by a 30 yard sprint. So after the combination you can rest before performing the next combination. Therefore, complete the supersets by continuing this back and forth between the two exercises until all the sets and reps have been done.

High Impact HIIT Workouts

Firstly, before beginning the HIIT workouts perform the following warm up to prime your joints and muscles for movement. Furthermore, you want to perform the warm up on a consistent basis to maintain optimal mobility in your joints for peak performance. So the only equipment you’ll need to perform the following workouts is some flat open space, the interval timer on your smartphone, and your body. That’s right, due to the set up make sure you bring your body ready to work!

Brandon sprinting coming straight for the camera!

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Warm up:

Wrist circles: 10 clockwise 10 counterclockwise

Hip circles: 10 clockwise 10 counterclockwise

Ankle circles: 10 clockwise 10 counterclockwise

Stretch Kicks: 3×10 R&L leg

Hip flexor stretch: 1 minute R&L leg

Saddle stretch: 2 minutes

Workout #1: 

Mountain climbers: 10×30 (Count off your second knee to get to 30, or count 60 if you count every knee)=300


Workout #2:

Rest 60 to 90 seconds. Adjust your rest intervals between each run as needed for less or more rest time. 

Sprints: 10×50 yards=500 yards


Black and white image of a muscular shirtless man performing push-ups in a field to the right of the frame.

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Workout #3:


Mountain Climbers: 10×15=150

Sprints: 10×30=300


Workout #4: 

Sprints: 8×100=800 yards


Workout #5: 


Push-up: 10×10=100

Sprint: 10×50=500


High Impact HIIT Workouts: The Takeaway

Keep in mind that all you need is one to two days a week of HIIT workouts especially if you’re supplementing HIIT with a regular strength program. As a result this will give you some high impact HIIT and ramp up your metabolic rate and recovery to a whole new level. To sum it up, you’ll get in the intensity so you want to manage your intensity and work volume intelligently. Above all I’m here to help you optimize this for peak fitness and performance.

Also are you incorporating any high impact HIIT workouts into your current training? 

How many days a week are you performing HIIT workouts? 

Also post up and share below in the comments!

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