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4 Ways To Improve Your Grip Strength For Big Lifts

4 Ways To Improve Your Grip Strength For Big Lifts

  1. Are you training your grip to improve your lifts? 
  2. Are you aware that a stronger grip will improve your shoulder stability? 
  3. Are you aware that there are a few grip variations that you might be neglecting? 

If you’re serious about strength, performance, and not having to screw around with injury then you need to invest time in giving your grip strength an upgrade. There are several methods you can employ to improve your grip strength and I am going to cover 4 of them here. Buckle that chinstrap and get ready!

Improving Your Grip Strength For Big Lifts And Performance

Eliminate the crutch 

One of the quickest ways you can start improving your grip strength is by getting rid of the grip assistance. Lifting straps are great on occasions when you’re trying to blow out a new PR, but if you become dependent on them then you can expect a certain level of strength to diminish with your grip.

After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and if your grip is failing you during that pull on the deadlift then you have identified the weak link in the chain. The problem with some people using straps is that they don’t know when to stop using them.

I’ve seen guys use them for everything from deadlifts, to pull-ups, and even to dumbbell rows. If you’re using the straps this much then the straps have become a crutch to cover up your weak grip. You’re not allowing your grip to get stronger if you’re always using the crutch.

Pinch grip

I’m sure you’re aware of the your normal crush grip which you would use when gripping a dumbbell, or kettlebell. This is the most commonly used grip by you, me, and most everyone else.

With that being said one variation of your grip that you might be neglecting is the amount of strength and force you can apply when pinching your thumb and four fingers together. Much of this strength comes from the thumb side of your hand.

To give you an example of pinch grip it would include you pinching together two weight plates, or a couple of bricks. Holding these things together would require significant strength between your thumb and four fingers.

Fingertip push-ups

Without stating the obvious another way to build significant grip strength is to build the strength of your fingers. One way you can do this is by implementing fingertip push-ups once you have become really proficient at standard push-ups.

Fingtertip push-ups will build your hands and forearms which will contribute to your grip strength and make you more successful with your bigger lifts.

If fingtertip push-ups are too challenging for you to do on the ground then you can try performing them by elevating your hands up onto a box, or bench until you can progress back to getting onto the ground for the movement.

Farmer’s walks

These are a great finisher I like to program into my training to challenge my grip, core stability, and shoulder stability. Farmer’s walks are simple, but effective.

To perform farmer’s walks you can grab a set of dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, or even cinder blocks and simple walk for a designated distance until your grip gives out. Farmer’s carries are great for reinforcing stability throughout your body when trying to handle a challenging load.

Improving Your Grip Strength: The Takeaway

If you want to start eliminating those weak links in your training then it’s safe to say that you can start with training your grip. Take the time experiment with the grip variations outlined here and utilize most of these strategies at the end of your training as a good way to finish out the day’s workout.

What grip strength training are you currently doing for your workouts? 

How often do you emphasize grip strength training in your workouts? 

Post up and share in the comments here below. 

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