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3 Inspirational Speeches On Mental Training And Testing Yourself

3 Inspirational Speeches On Mental Training And Testing Yourself

  1. Do you test yourself daily?
  2. Do you work to keep that mental and physical “edge” daily?
  3. Are you allowing yourself to get soft mentally and physically?
  4. Do you give up when the struggle gets real?

Everything we do in life is dictated first by our mindset and mental training approach. If you aren’t able to hone your mental attitude and mental training approach then you’re going to be very disappointed when things don’t go as planned. I say that because I’m here to tell you that things will never go quite the way you plan them to go especially when in pursuit of a life changing endeavor. There will always be problems to arise and obstacles to overcome.

Mental Training And Testing Yourself 

When it comes down to getting results in anything in life you can’t expect to get those results without the correct mindset. I find this to be an especially big problem in today’s society as there is no doubt a culture of softness and a flawed mental view on how the world works and how and why negative outcomes exist.

The point here is that if you take on a victim mindset then you’re automatically accepting a negative self-fulling prophecy and so the negative beliefs that you embrace will present themselves to you in the way you view the world. If you choose to embrace this then you will create a struggle that only exist because you allow it to exist with having an overall negative mindset.

Your mental training (or lack thereof) will dictate everything. The truth is that life is going to have challenges, setbacks, and failures. This is inherent in life, but I choose to adopt another belief.

When things go bad I choose to adopt a belief that it doesn’t necessarily matter what happens to me, but rather how I react to what happens to me that matters. So today I am including some cool videos with speeches that apply to this mindset. These may be from both real life and fictional circumstances, but the messages are what I want you to focus on. The messages are very real!

Young Guns (The movie): Billy The Kid–Test Yourself

In this scene Billy the Kid (Emilio Estevez) is trying to talk his crew into facing down a big obstacle. He’s trying to exact revenge on the men that killed his friend, but his crew believes that the risks outweigh the reward. Billy is attempting to put it all into perspective to his men by communicating the importance of testing yourself so that you don’t get soft.

Though the context of the situation here is something of an extreme situation I thought the message was still important and very applicable to everyday life. Test yourself gentlemen (and ladies).

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivatonal Speech

Here Arnold himself talks about how you can’t be afraid to fail. Failure is part of the process and I would even go a step further and say that failure is not fatal…unless you accept it to be.

I once had a friend and colleague to say that “There is no such thing as failure…there is only information.” This is the kind of perspective you need when honing your mental training especially during circumstances where you’re going to be tested.

Rocky Balboa (2006) Rocky’s Speech To His Son

This scene represents the very thing I’m talking about in regards to adopting a weak mindset. Rocky has to explain to his son the significance of believing that his son and his son alone can make the difference in his situation in life.

His son had adopted a weak mindset and was allowing his dad’s shadow to dictate what he thought was his standing in life. Rocky’s explanation is the perfect explanation for honing the mental training that is necessary for his son (and for you and me) to succeed and to overcome life obstacles.

This scene displays very well how Rocky points out that this is a test for his son…and this example of his son adopting this victim mindset is exactly why I thought it would be the perfect example of how similar mindsets are possible tests for you, me, and others in real life today.

Mental Training: The Takeaway

At the end of the day you’ve got to work to continue to test yourself in life in order to develop mental and emotional resiliency. Overcoming failures and pursuing the difficult path because it’s right makes all the difference in what you may become. Strength comes from your struggles and a weak mindset will only soften you as an individual.

Are you currently practicing and working on your mental training and perspective? 

Are you testing yourself daily? 

What mental training exercises do you like to do? 

Post up and share in the comments here below. 

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