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Top 3 Steps You Need To Take If You Want To Be A Fitness Instructor

Top 3 Steps You Need To Take If You Want To Be A Fitness Instructor

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The fitness industry is probably one of the most challenging and flooded fields of any industry in terms of competition and so-called “professional trainers” out there moving through the market.

If you want to go into the fitness business to be a successful instructor you need to understand what lies ahead and perhaps today’s article will help to prepare you for some of that so that you can work to separate yourself from the norm.

Fitness Instructor: Increase Your Knowledge To Increase Your Value

First, if you’re going into the fitness industry you need possess a great deal of knowledge about a multitude of things.

First and foremost you need to understand the human body and human movement. You need to be able to understand how to read a trainee’s body and to help that person to move the way nature intended.

This is crucial as most people today have poor movement patterns due to our modern lifestyle of sitting jobs so you need to understand functional movement so that you can help a trainee to restore their function before they can progress into their training.

If a trainee is dysfunctional in their movement they won’t be able to physically progress any further until that is corrected…otherwise you’re stuck trying to put the cart before the horse.

Having the knowledge and ability to do this will increase your value in the industry as you’ll be helping a lot of people to overcome some personal road blocks and to truly make progress in their training.

Fitness Instructor: Figure Out A Winning Business Plan

This one is going to be huge. If you expect to survive, or to become successful in the fitness business you need to figure out a business plan based on your own situation that is going to work well for you.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years now and I will tell you that it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been through some real ups and downs and the entire process has been a huge learning curve.

First, if you’re looking to be self-employed in the field and work independently you need to figure out a place to actually train your students. I’ve battled with this scenario for years because it’s a battle that’s difficult to find that solid ground…unless you want your own brick and mortar facility. If you want your own that’s one thing, but if you don’t there are still options.

If you’re looking to be an independent contractor, but you have no interest in working out of your own facility you can try to broker deals with local organizations such as recreation centers, other independent gyms, and organizations to do your training out of their facility, but be prepared to give away a portion of your profits.

Just in case you find yourself in this situation you need to make sure you work hard to build up a strong brand and client base so that when you go to broker the deal that you can come to the negotiating table to negotiate from a position of strength instead of a position of desperation.

If you show that you’re willing to walk away from the table if the deal fails to reach a win/win scenario for both parties that’s a good thing. So at the end of the day you need to be a good business man, or woman if you expect to do well in the fitness industry. You need to figure out some solid ground for yourself.

Fitness Instructor: Market Your Ass Off!!!

Granted this is also connected to having a good business plan, but the key to being successful is having a strong name in the marketplace. If you’re wanting people to train then you need to get your name out there for people to see.

So how do you do this?

Social media

Well for starters you have social media. Social media platforms are huge for promoting your knowledge. These are also great for being able to offer value to potential students that are looking for help.

I’m not talking about your typical Instagram trainers posting selfies around the clock of their latest “pump,” or their latest “workout” either. I’m certainly not talking about posting memes with candle lit Yoga either.

No, I’m talking about offering real value like addressing topics such as injury prevention, strength development, athletic performance, nutrition, etc.

The best way to show people that you’re capable of helping them is to show them that you’re capable of helping them…period.

Consider starting a blog

One way to simplify and streamline this process of sharing knowledge is to consider starting your own blog.

With a blog you can write about topics addressing things to help people. Then you can turn around and use your social media platforms to promote your blog. This will drive people to your website to sign up for your training.

If you really get into this deep you can also leverage your blog to offer online training programs and ebooks. You can use it to promote your different training programs…just like I’m doing right here with this blog.

I will warn you though I’ve been writing and blogging for 10 years and have written over 2 million words of content. I’ve shared thousands of social media posts and given away hundreds of free training programs. It’s still challenging as hell to maintain an active blog. Don’t get me wrong it’s a powerful marketing tool, but it takes years to build and nurture along with writing and giving away a shitload of content.

Hell, if you’re reading this post I’m doing exactly that showing you what is involved in this process. Even here on this blog platform I’ve written millions of words and given away tons of valuable content and I’m not a millionaire yet.

However, this information is extremely valuable. This is real life information from real life experience. If you’re looking to get into the business then understanding what I’m outlining here could save you years of wasted energy and time. Time is the most valuable commodity. This is because time is irreplaceable. So believe me when I tell you that the value here is through the roof.

Word of mouth

Of course one of the best forms of marketing is by word of mouth. If you have a current network of students that you’re training then lean on them. This your lifeline to help get you more business in the door.

Offer them something to incentivize them to help get you get more business. If you are currently helping them to hit their goals and they have a good relationship with you then you’re at a good start. You’ll find that your best students will work to get you business in the door expecting nothing in return.

Fitness Instructor: The Takeaway

At the end of the day work hard, be ethical, and offer the best service you possibly can. If you do this you’ll find that your students will back you all the way.

What steps are you taking now to become a fitness instructor? 

What are you doing to expand your knowledge in the field? 

Post up in the comments here below. 

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