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Superhuman Cardio – 2 Drills You Can Implement With The Kettlebell To Obtain Big Time Cardio!

Superhuman Cardio – 2 Drills You Can Implement With the Kettlebell to Obtain Big Time Cardio!

IMG_6455 by pullsh_activeGroup kettleBell swings by ReActive Gym

Superhuman cardiovascular conditioning is another way of saying ouch! You know by now that I am a huge proponent of the kettlebell and what it is capable of producing in many areas of human performance. It will put your body through a workout that will make you wish you never saw the iron beast. At the same time, you will be more grateful and more impressed than you ever have been in your life from the physical characteristics that you will be able to achieve from this ancient iron tool! Check out the following 2 drills you can execute with the bell to gain absolutely superior cardiovascular conditioning!

1. The Double-Arm Kettlebell Swing: This is the base lift of the kettlebell. It requires you to swing the bell by utilizing the hip snap. You basically start by properly squatting to pick up the bell while standing fully erect with the bell relaxed between your legs at your groin. From here you simply initiate a quarter squat flexing at the hips and knees. Once here immediately and rapidly extend at your hips and knees while building momentum up with the bell. As the kettlebell builds momentum you will be swinging it back and forth between your legs. To get huge cardiovascular gains from this drill execute about 150 swings with a moderately heavy bell in less than 15 minutes!

2. The Single-Arm Swing: This lift is performed just like the double-arm swing with one exception besides the fact you are doing this with just one arm as opposed to both. When you swing the bell with whatever hand you are using allow your arm to rotate so that your thumb points downward. As you ascend in the swing allow your hand to rotate back to the original position to where your palm is pointing down (palm;not thumb). For superior conditioning execute the same number of reps as mentioned in the double-arm swing challenge above with the exception of splitting the total reps equally to each arm. Try to complete the fitness challenge in under the same time limit.

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