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Kettlebell Fitness – 2 Exercises For You To Implement For Excellent Fitness!

Kettlebell Fitness – 2 Exercises For You to Implement For Excellent Fitness!

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I would like to say that if you have the availability of a couple of kettlebells and you enjoy training with this ancient device then this is a great couple of drills for you to implement into your program. To promote weight-loss, fat-loss, and superior cardiovascular conditioning you have to increase your level of perceived exertion. The kettlebell is one of the best tools for doing just that! Read and enjoy.

1. Swing/Deadlift Combo: This drill actually consist of a couple of different exercises that utilize a couple of kettlebells. To start this drill you will want a couple of bells of moderate and equal weight. Start by setting the kettlebells between your feet. From here you will just simply want to execute a series of swings with both kettlebells (one in each hand). For the purpose of this article shoot for 20 swings. Immediately after the swings place the bells back on the ground between your feet and execute 20 deadlifts (or squats) by picking the bells up off of the ground and locking your hips and knees out, and then placing them back on the ground.

2. Clean, Squat, and Press: This lift is pretty well described in the name. Simply begin by placing the bells between your feet. Squat down and grab both bells and perform a duel clean. The bells should be resting at your chest. From here simply keep the bells in front and perform a squat. Once you lock out a full squat then press both bells above the head. After all three movements place the bells on the ground between your feet and repeat the process. This is tremendous for building your core strength and getting you total cardiovascular conditioning!

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