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Kettlebell Training – 3 Good Surfaces You Can Lift The Iron Ball On!

Kettlebell Training – 3 Good Surfaces You Can Lift the Iron Ball On!

If you are looking to train with kettlebells then you need to use good judgement. A TRUE kettlebell is made of straight cast-iron. If you are going to workout with one of these iron balls then you need to be smart as to where you should train. Take your workouts to new heights, but make sure you are smart about how you do it.

To start, if you are going to be executing base lifts with kettlebells such as swings and snatches then you need to know that there should be a surface and environment that is ideal for training in this fashion. Obviously if you are a part of a gym that is equipped and has flooring that is reinforced for dropping weights then this would qualify as a good surface to train on with kettlebells. The object in most cases is to not drop the kettlebell, however sometimes accidents happen. When they do you want to be smart about not damaging property or getting injured in the process.

The second best surface that I want to mention is in the grass in your front or back yard. This is a good option because the ground is soft and will easily thud and absorb the blast of the kettlebell. Kettlebell training and fitness is great, but you should always be aware of your surroundings. Your yard is also good because you can control who is around you when training with the iron bell.

The third and final surface that I want to recommend that is great for kettlebell training is in the sand. Whether you are at the beach or you want to really get some productive use out of your kid’s sand box then this is perfect. The sand will definitely thud the weight of the bell and give you a great workout by you constantly having to get a good foothold in the loose texture of the ground. Utilize this environment if it is available for you. Train hard, but train smart!

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