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Medicine Ball Fitness – 2 Exercises To Do In Order To Achieve Furious Fitness!

Medicine Ball Fitness – 2 Exercises to Do in Order to Achieve Furious Fitness!

Medicine balls by boldwarrior

Medicine balls have been around as long as I can remember and as a kid I used to wonder myself what in the heck they could be used for. The fact is, depending on the type of medicine ball you get, there are several exercises that can be done. Check out the following 2 medicine ball exercises to gain awesome results in both core strength and muscular endurance.

1. Overhead Medicine Ball Throws: This is a fun and intense exercise to gain tremendous upper-body power and core strength. You need a hard style med ball for this particular drill. It should be one that can bounce if thrown against something. To do this drill you need to find a flat hard surface with a sturdy brick wall. The weight of the ball should depend on your level of strength. To give you an idea a reasonably strong guy should use a ball that is between 14 and 16 lbs. A reasonably strong girl can use one between 10 and 14 lbs. You start by standing about 20 to 25 feet away from the wall. Your feet should be shoulder width distance apart. Grab the ball equally with both hands and throw it against the wall as hard as you can from overhead! The ball should hit the wall and bounce to the floor and back to you. As soon as it reaches you catch it and immediately throw it again.

2. Side Medicine Ball Throws: This one is very similar to the overhead throw except you are standing to one side. If you are standing from the right side you want to make sure again that your feet are shoulder width distance apart. You want to grip the ball equally with both hands with an underhand type grip. When you throw it you want to bring around the front of your body the way you would if you were swinging a baseball bat. It should be caught and thrown again on the bounce. Complete the desired number and switch sides. You will develop tremendous core strength and mobility from throwing the medicine ball in this way.

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