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Pull-Ups: 3 Steps To Progress Your Pull Ups For Optimal Function

Pull-Ups: 3 Steps To Progress Your Pull Ups For Optimal Function

  1. Are you looking to progress your pull ups, or working towards doing a quality pull up?
  2. Are you lost on where to start?
  3. Are you struggling to improve your pull up strength?
  4. Are you looking to improve your pull ups and overall functional fitness?

Pull-ups are a great measure of upper body strength that most people are incapable of doing. Most people think that it is unrealistic for them to achieve this impressive measure of strength. The fact is that with consistent and repetitive practice this exercise can be achieved by virtually anyone. Tune in here to see how you can progress your pull ups. 

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A Method To Strength!

A Method to Strength!

Lets look at your strength. What areas of your personal program do you want to improve on in terms of your strength? For instance, do you want to increase one repetition maximum bench-press, the same with your squat, or perhaps…

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