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Kettlebell Power – 2 Methods To Develop Strong Explosive Muscles With Kettlebells!

Kettlebell Power – 2 Methods to Develop Strong Explosive Muscles With Kettlebells!

Kettlebell Strength Workout Circuit #2 by mbodystrengthKettlebell Training in Huntington Beach by mbodystrength

To begin, I want to make it clear that kettlebells aren’t just used for endurance training. Let the truth be known that kettlebells are an awesome tool for building up one’s endurance, but you can also obtain some great strength from the use of kettlebells as well. Check out the following 2 methods that you can apply in gaining strength in the handling and manipulation of kettlebells, and how they can also be a great supplemental tool for your strength program.

1. Getting Stronger Lifting Bells: Well one way to get better at building strength, and specifically building strength by handling kettlebells, is to get used to working out with heavier bells. You can progress and document your strength results with kettlebells just like you would with any other lift like bench-press, squats, and cleans. The key is to allow your body to adapt to the heavier load by steadily increasing the weight of the bell to get better at executing the same lift. For instance, if you are doing the overhead snatch then keep the reps low and consistent and steadily go heavier every set with another bell at the same rep count. Eventually you can further challenge yourself by adjusting the weight and reps to do more.

2. The Supplement For Strength And Explosiveness: Strength and explosiveness can be obtained from kettlebells from the first concept that I mentioned, but they can also be great at assisting you to get better with other lifts as well. For example, a lot of strength and conditioning programs use a lot of auxiliary lifts that include the use of smaller muscle groups to transition between the bigger lifts. These could include movements like bent-over rows, bicep curls, and leg extensions. One way to get more bang out of your strength and fitness program is to scrap the smaller auxiliary lifts and substitute them with something like the kettlebell swing or windmills. You will quickly find that gaining more muscular power and strength is easily brought on by the gruesome bell in this fashion!

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