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Kettlebell Strength – 2 Lifts To Execute With Kettlebells For Great Overall Body Strength!

Kettlebell Strength – 2 Lifts to Execute With Kettlebells For Great Overall Body Strength!

If you want to improve your flexibility, strength, power, and fitness then you will have to include the following 2 lifts into your kettlebell strength training program. Permit yourself a minute to read and study the following 2 lifts.

1. Clean, Squat, and Press: This particular lift is wonderful because you are implementing both the push and pull movements in the lift. To begin, you place the bell between your feet. Make sure your feet are slightly wider than shoulder width distance. Execute a squat and grab the bell with your hand (Note: for this particular exercise we are doing a single bell lift). Next perform a clean movement bringing the bell to rest at your chest level. Your arm with the bell should be at rest just outside your midline and against your torso. From here execute another squat. Upon ascending in the squat press the bell above your head. Properly lower the bell to the floor and repeat for subsequent reps. Note, the intensity of this exercise can be adjusted by adding another bell and doing 2 kettlebells or by increasing the weight.

2. Single-Arm Overhead Squat: Now this is one intense drill that you can perform to really work on building superior core strength, balance, and overall stability. Here you want to start the same way as the clean, squat, and press drill. Execute a squat to grab the bell to clean to your chest. Next, press the bell overhead. Now the next part is important. Make sure that your shoulder is locked into the socket and that you keep your elbow locked in place. This locking allows you to support a heavier load for the movement. From here you want to squat keeping the bell overhead the entire time. This drill is great for developing amazing shoulder stability, core strength, and overall fitness. This should be practiced regularly in your kettlebell training program.

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