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3 Kettlebell Exercises To Help You Develop Significant Core Strength

3 Kettlebell Exercises To Help You Develop Significant Core Strength

  1. Are you interested in learning how to use kettlebells to build your core strength?
  2. Are you interested in learning some different and unique kettlebell exercises to add to your strength training program?
  3. Are you serious about building some big core strength?
  4. Are you looking to give your strength program a serious upgrade with the addition of kettlebells?

Kettlebell exercises are incredibly powerful for building fitness, function, and core strength. The reason I like kettlebells is because they are one hell of a utility training device. In terms getting the most out of your training while acquiring the benefits of several different strength movements (and variations of movements) you just can’t beat the kettlebell.

Kettlebell Core Strength

One key to developing significant core strength is putting yourself into a position to stabilize your body and to stabilize a load during movement. Due to the unique design of kettlebells with one end of the bell being the shape of a cannonball and the other end being the handle you must learn how to technically master the kettlebell in order to control and move it with fluidity and seamless execution. Here are three unique kettlebell exercises to help you build that serious foundation of core strength that you need to perform.

1. Dual Kettlebell Front Squat


The dual kettlebell front squat is a great alternative to the barbell front squat and it forces you to maintain firm control over the weights as you descend into the squat position. I can also attest to the fact that once you have your technique dialed in that lifting kettlebells feels tremendous on the shoulder joints. I can say this from a lot of personal experience.

Additionally with the bells being loaded in the front of the body it forces you to keep your center base of support true which will help you to settle into a respectable depth at the base of the squat movement. The dual kettlebell front squat will both help you with your squat ROM, as well as anterior core strength. You’ll also notice a significant boost in strength involving your pressing, or pushing after incorporating these into your strength program on a regular basis.

2. Dual Kettlebell Squat To Press


Like the dual kettlebell front squat the dual kettlebell squat to press is the next evolution of the front squat movement. Once again this movement is very dynamic and will help you to develop some serious core strength in terms of stabilizing your body during both the squat movement and the overhead pressing movement involved after the squat.

In addition to this pressing the kettlebell overhead is a unique challenge in and of itself. Being that the sphere of the bell will hang over the back of your wrist when pressing the bell you must learn how to press in a natural corkscrew motion with your arm as you raise the kettlebells to the overhead position. This movement sort mimics the same motion as an Arnold press bringing your fist from below your chin to the overhead position.

With the dual kettlebell squat to press get ready to buckle your chinstrap and get to work because this movement will challenge your body from head to toe and help you to develop some serious core and total body strength!

3. Loaded Kettlebell Sit Ups


The loaded kettlebell sit up offers a hell of challenge when it comes to training you on how to activate your core midsection. By lying on the ground and sitting up to an upright position with the bell pressed overhead you must learn the concept of bracing and creating controlled tension throughout your core midsection.

Being that you begin this move from a lying position you must learn how to create the force through your midsection ideally without rocking back and forth like a rocking chair raising your legs off of the ground. If your legs of coming up you are attempting the move with too much weight and you don’t yet possess the strength to raise your torso up off the floor with control and stability.

If this is the case either back off the weight, or attempt the move without any weight until you can perform it with greater control. I’m demonstrating it with only one hand loaded in the video, but when you are ready for a more advanced attempt you can also do it with a kettlebell in each hand.

Kettlebell Core Strength: The Takeaway

Just remember that when it comes to developing serious core strength you want to perform multi-joint movements such as the front squat while maintaining control of the kettlebell(s). If you’re looking to get the most out of your training without having to worry about having access to a fully stocked gym then kettlebells are just about the best option.

Are you currently using kettlebells to develop your core strength? 

Are you a garage gym warrior and enjoy training at home? 

What kettlebell exercises are you currently working to master? 

Please post up in the comments below and share! 

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