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5 Ways To Build Strength Beyond The Weight Room

5 Ways To Build Strength Beyond The Weight Room

  1. Is your mental game in check?
  2. Do you struggle with being persistent when life gets challenging?
  3. Do you get overwhelmed with tasks?
  4. Is your strength training suffering because of your mental struggle?
  5. Does your life feel like a constant battle that brings down your attitude?

If you’re looking to get results in any significant life endeavor you’ve got to have the correct mindset first and this occurs both inside and beyond the weight room. Your mental attitude will direct the outcomes of both your successes and failures. If you are serious about getting some real world results in your fitness, your business, your relationships, and life in general then you’ve got to be willing to do what it takes in order to make it happen.

Mental Resiliency: Strength Beyond The Weight Room

In Rocky Balboa’s famous words Life ain’t all about sunshine and rainbows. This statement is completely accurate. There is no such thing as everything will turn out alright. There’s no such thing as a happy ending like you see in the movies. There’s no such thing as a smooth flawless plan.

Now having said all of that there is a such thing as your mental resiliency, your attitude, and your willingness to execute tasks to better your life daily like a machine. That is a variable that can make a lot of shit happen and it is very very real!

With that being said I wanted to outline and touch on some true strength building steps to help you put a lot these aspects of your life into overdrive. If you can follow these steps day in and day out…and week in and week out I guarantee these will be a game changer in terms of your growth in fitness, your personal life, and your professional life as well.

This is not about standing in a circle and holding hands with Oprah Winfrey patting everyone on the back. No, this is about actual real world change that you can implement daily to develop strength in your life.

1) Make yourself uncomfortable: Years ago I heard a colleague of mine in the strength and conditioning field say that You’ve got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This statement is so true.

Whether you’re training, or running a business you’ve got to be willing to do things that make you uncomfortable. Now this may just sound like just another tough guy motto, but I’m here to tell you that there’s a hell of a lot more to it than just that.

For instance, the steady introduction of discomfort in your life changes your perception of things and alters your expectations. Because you are steadily doing things that keep you a bit uncomfortable then psychologically you are mentally creating strength for yourself.

That’s right, this is powerful because you as you maintain a steady dose of discomfort you eventually start accepting that discomfort itself as being a comfortable environment for you to be in. As this happens you are obviously gaining the result of getting things done and become better at handling problems in your life.

By implementing this strategy you will become very good at handling medial problems and tasks and because of this you will be that much more prepared for handling larger more daunting problems without the mental beat down. The discomfort is your friend so do the extra set, work through the weekend, and get up and get your day started earlier.

2) Implement the discipline: Strength both in and beyond the weight room can only be acquired with steadfast consistent discipline. Navy SEAL Jocko Willink talks all the time about how Discipline Equals Freedom…and he’s right.

If you lack discipline daily then your productivity suffers and if your productivity suffers then you are immediately creating negative momentum for yourself. You see momentum is a hell of a thing because it can be both positive or negative.

You can have a positive wave of momentum which comes through being consistently disciplined, but you can have a negative wave of momentum because you fail to implement discipline in your daily tasks. Allowing yourself to get behind only creates negative momentum.

3) List your tasks: If you need direction in your life then you’ve got to list out your daily tasks. This goes for your training log, to-do list, and other goals.

Look I’m not just sitting here talking about writing goals down on a sheet of paper. No, I’m talking about writing down the actual tasks that you need to do daily to step by step move you towards your goals.

Obviously as you move through these tasks you want to check them off. So if you have a goal of hitting a new PR on the deadlift then write down what weight you’re going to attempt today, later this week, next week, and so on up until the day you make the actual attempt at your new PR. List your tasks.

4) Have a sense of urgency: When you start your day and start in on executing your tasks do so with a sense of urgency. Don’t waste time with other things that detract from your execution of your daily tasks. If you procrastinate you’re only digging yourself a hole and once again you’re going to be more susceptible to feeling mentally defeated.

If you maintain a sense of urgency and attack your work day fully you’ll be able to stay on top of things and to possibly even get ahead of schedule which will always mentally give you an edge when developing strength beyond the weight room.

5) Schedule a moment to decompress: This one is crucial, but it can’t work unless you’re executing steps 1 through 4 here above. Taking a moment to breathe and decompress can come in many forms.

These moments can be brief, or they can be scheduled to be longer. The idea is that this decompression time is earned after you’ve invested the time and energy to execute steps 1 through 4 in your day. It’s a good time to reset your mind and to give your mind a break before going back to taking care of business.

Strength Beyond The Weight Room: The Takeaway

At the end of the day you’ve got to work on getting your mindset correct before you expect to crush your goals and to make a success out your life. This day and age it’s easy to spot those who live their lives with the purpose I’ve outlined here. For instance, I can tell if someone has a sense of urgency based on how they walk.

Are you currently working on improving your mental attitude and outlook on life? 

What exercises do you practice to improve your mental and physical state? 

Post up and share here in the comment section below. 

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