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The Juggernaut Workout…

The Juggernaut Workout…

Well if there’s one character that’ll build some momentum once they get going it’s the Juggernaut! So this is exactly why I’ve chosen to title this workout for the same reason. As far as your strength and mobility this workout is going to help you build on some serious momentum and you don’t have to have a lot of equipment, or access to a gym in order to make it happen. That’s right this one is all about a jump rope, some kettlebells, and your own body resistance. 

The Juggernaut Workout…

In today’s workout the purpose is to emphasize dynamic movement and to build on this momentum (like the Juggernaut). Therefore as you warm up set after set utilizing kettlebells and primarily your own body resistance you’ll build into the workout. So the objective is to build on your functional fitness,  work capacity, mobility, strength, and overall conditioning.

A few things to note before you start. 

For many of the exercises below you’ll see an exercise listed and then two numbers separated by an “x.” So an example here may look like this…

Example: Push-up: 3×15

In this push-up example the first number represents the number of sets you are to perform with that exercise. The second number represents the number of repetitions you are to perform with the exercise. So you’ll perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions of push-ups.

In addition to this you may see the word superset prior to a set of exercises. An example of this may look like the following.


Kettlebell swings: 3×20

Push-ups: 3×10

In this example you would perform the first mentioned exercise and its designated number of reps for the first set and immediately without rest perform the second mentioned exercise and its designated number of reps for the given set. Therefore, you would rest after each superset and continue this back and forth until all the sets and reps are completed.

So buckle your chinstrap and get to it. 

Black and white image of a man standing to the side holding a heavy kettlebell in his right hand.

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Warm Up:

Jumping Jacks:  2×50

A Skips: 15 R&L Legs

Kettlebell Static Groin Stretch (Pause At The Bottom Of Goblet squat)

Shoulder Warm Up: Palms To Face; Palms To Head–15 R&L Arms

Kettlebell Wrist Circles: 10 R&L

Kettlebell Waist Circles: 10 clockwise/10 counterclockwise

Ankle Circles: 10 clockwise/10 counterclockwise R&L foot 

Workout: Jump Rope For Conditioning

Jump rope skips: 3–3 minute rounds (Rest 1 minute between rounds) 

Double Under Hops: 2×15 

Kettlebell Drills For Functional Work Capacity, Mobility, Strength, And Overall Conditioning


Double Arm KB Swings: 5×20 (Note: Superset the following exercise by executing the swings first followed by the next mentioned exercise in the superset.)

Walkout Push Ups: 5×10


Kettlebell Push Up Renegade Rows: 3×5 Alternating R&L Sides (Note: Go moderately heavy to heavy and you must be advanced enough to perform a standard push up easily) 

Single Arm Single Leg Deadlift: 3×5 R&L Sides (Note: Can be scaled by performing with or without a weight. Make sure to bend at the knee and hip. Also make sure to tighten your glute muscle on the leg that is lifted off the ground and being extended back.)

A big red kettlebell on the floor with scuff marks.

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Kettlebell Clean And Press: 3×5 R&L Sides (Note: So you want to go relatively heavy here. Make sure to pick the bell up from the ground with every rep!) 

Pull Ups: 3×5


The Juggernaut Workout: The Takeaway

I hope you were able to tackle the Juggernaut. To sum it up, with this workout you can get a lot done with only using minimal equipment. Therefore the goal is clear and simple.

Because of this the Juggernaut workout will add great value to your fitness and strength training program.

So how did you do with this workout?

Were you able to finish?

So what weight kettlebell did you use with the given drills?

Make sure you post up in the comment section below this article and let us know. 

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I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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  1. Damn … got to give that one a serious test run. These programs you are posting up are pure gold. You offer a lot of variation that precludes boredom and an intelligent sequencing design that insures real progress. Awesome stuff, Brandon, simply awesome. Living up to your Mantra big time.

    1. Ha, Yes Doc this one is definitely a “juggernaut!” I have done this one although lately I’ve been doing slightly “lighter variations.” 🙂 It is one to definitely get ramped up for, but the cool thing is the adaptation.

      With practice you’ll get to where you can motor through this one pretty well, although there are adjustments you can make to further intensify it. This is why I like these workouts because they are easily scalable. Need more intensity just add a weighted vest, or use a bigger pair of bells.

      Thanks again Doc this means a lot coming from you! Please let me know how this one works out for you. I know you’ll enjoy it.

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