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Bend The Bar For Your Deadlift

Bend The Bar For Your Deadlift

  1. Are you looking to improve your deadlift technique?
  2. Are you unclear on what effective lifting technique is concerning the deadlift?
  3. Do you want to drastically improve your deadlift right now?

Improving your deadlift technique is no doubt one of the biggest go-tos for lifting when trying to develop strength. If you’re trying to optimize your efforts in building total body strength you go to the deadlift. If you’re wanting to build a back that won’t break you go to the deadlift, If you want to build a level of human function that will keep you in the game for the long haul then you go to the deadlift. However, there are some technical aspects of the deadlift that you may be missing. The deadlift does require some technical know how. Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing with the deadlift? \

Bend The Bar For Your Deadlift Technique

Ok I know you’re used to coaches hammering away on the importance of mobility and stability when preparing to perform certain lifts and movements. Of course the deadlift technique is no different, but when it comes to the execution of a particular movement, or lift the set up prior to execution is just as important.

So one aspect of the set up that is huge for getting your body into position to handle the pulling portion of the deadlift is learning how to bend the bar. Now when I say bend the bar obviously I don’t mean literally…unless your capable. That would be an entirely different topic for another day, but definitely one worth having.

As you get your body in place to prepare for the pull you want to grab the bar and secure it by trying to bend it into a horseshoe pattern. You want to imagine you’re trying to bend it around your body right before you pull the weight off the ground.

As you do this you’re going to notice a couple of things. First, you’re going to notice that your shoulder girdle is going to pull tight into your body pulling your shoulders tight into their sockets. This is a deadlift technique known as shoulder packing.

Secondly, you’re going to notice that that your lats will engage and at that your deadlifting posture is going to be better set with your spine being pulled into a more neutral position.

Of course, as you pull the bar off the ground you want to maintain the bending of the bar as you tighten your lats by engaging them with the bending of the bar cue. You’ll notice that you’re posterior muscles will maintain a higher level of tension giving you more strength and ability to execute the deadlift with a high level of proficiency.

The Takeaway On Your Deadlift Technique

Just like with any lift you need to understand and work on implementing the little things on a consistent basis in order to get the most results. The deadlift requires some technical know how and if you’re not doing what you should be doing in order to maximize your performance with the lift you could be setting yourself up for failure, or possibly even an injury.

Have you been bending the bar when deadlifting? 

How often do you deadlift? 

Post up and share here in the comments below. 

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