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The Get Up – A Single Kettlebell Exercise With Monumental Benefits!

The Get Up – A Single Kettlebell Exercise With Monumental Benefits!

Kettlebells are no doubt a strength and conditioning device starting to make a lot of noise here in the U.S. within the fitness industry. The fact is that kettlebell training is an art form, as far as, physical conditioning and development is concerned. You see the difference between kettlebell training and other forms of strength training is that it is “movement based” and not “body part specific.” This is why kettlebell training is so different from the most recognized norm in the world of fitness.
One particular lift that is performed with the kettlebell that is tremendous in helping you to obtain overall superior strength and assist in the mobility of your shoulders is the single arm get up (or turkish get up). This particular kettlebell lift involves you starting out on your back holding the kettlebell above your head, but always at an angle with your arm perpendicular to the ground.
Ultimately the objective is to stand all the way up to your feet and return to the ground while maintaining the load of the bell above your head and with your arm at the perpendicular angle to the ground. To do this you must always think SAFETY first! Use common sense and have 110% confidence in your get up lifting ability before attempting this. As you lay on the ground lift the bell up in one arm using both hands. This is important again for safety. As you start up you want to start tightening your abs and core to roll your body onto your side.
As you do this maintain the vertical perpendicular angle of the bell. “Spear Head” the bell with your arm by pointing in the direction of the ceiling and keeping your lat tense throughout the lift. As you roll onto your side simply roll onto your elbow of the arm that is on the ground. From here work on transitioning your weight to the hand of the arm on the ground. As you are doing this the leg opposite of your free arm (arm on the ground) should assist in the pushing and shifting of your body weight.
Once your weight is distributed to the arm of the free hand from here you simply “get up.” There are many ways to get up at this point, but how you choose to do so is your business. Just make sure that you are comfortable in which way you choose. Once you stand then simply reverse the process entirely to return to the ground.
By implementing this kettlebell exercise into your workout routine you are stepping up your training by a few notches! Take the time to learn more about kettlebell lifts and this ancient art form. By doing so your workout routines will never be the same. I will even make it easier for you by asking you to access the rest of my articles on the matter for free. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!
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