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Cardiovascular Horsepower!

Cardiovascular Horsepower!

Strength Training at the MBody Strength Kettlebell Gym by mbodystrength

If you want to develop some serious cardiovascular horsepower then you will like this workout! There is no doubt that the engine of your body is your heart. The cool thing is that in order to increase the horsepower in this engine you have to work it hard. The following workout is designed to do just that.

To start this workout you will need a few things. You will need a couple of kettlebells of moderate weight. You will also need the availability of some flat open space and a couple of markers (cones or even water bottles will do). Mark off a straight distance of 50 yards. Place a kettlebell at each end of the 50 yard running area. Start out at one end of the running path by performing 50 double-arm kettlebell swings. As soon as you finish the swings drop the bell and sprint the 50 yards to the other side. Recover for a minute and a half and pick up the kettlebell at this end and repeat the same thing. Once you finish with completing a round trip (100 swings and 100 yards of sprinting) start the process over, but the second time around change up the style of kettlebell lift. For instance, maybe perform 50 overhead snatches (25 each arm) with the bell before sprinting to the other side. The goal is to perform 3 round trips with 3 different kettlebell drills before each round trip (or set of 100 yard sprints). This is some serious cardiovascular fitness my friends.

If you incorporate this little workout into your routine then I guarantee your cardiovascular fitness and endurance will drastically improve! Kettlebell training will definitely help you to develop some serious cardiovascular horsepower!

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