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Hulk Smashing Some Misconceptions On Strength Training For Women…

Hulk Smashing Some Misconceptions On Strength Training For Women…

She-Hulk_#1_Blind_lady_Justice by Greeeeeeeeeeg

So today I’m going to attempt to smash down some common themes and issues that tend to come up when involving strength training for women. You know the ones I’m talking about. Things like going above 5 lbs. will turn a lady into the She-Hulk, although I would argue the She-Hulk is hot to trot. I mean just look at the picture above! Ok, maybe She-Hulk was a bad example, but perhaps her male counterpart would’ve been the better comparison. Nevertheless, I’m going to look at some ways that I can help you ladies and the rest of you that might be interested to smash through these very misconceptions in a HULK style fashion!

The World Of Advertisement…Somebody Shoot Me…Ok, Maybe Not Yet! 

Ok, the world of advertising has shaped and birthed this idea of “Getting That Small Waistline” and “Losing Pounds And Inches,” by essentially eating what you want and virtually training ZERO, as long as, you buy our product! Ladies You’ll Have A Beach Ready Body in 2 days if you follow our plan!  You get where I’m coming from. This kind of hook, line, and sinker b*llshit is exactly at the core of the reason as to why we have such an obesity problem in this country. Ladies, just like anything in life it is nothing more than a mindset.

Well let me attempt to smash down these claims and beliefs as it pertains to strength training for women. Ladies, you won’t build a Hulkish body from slapping some respectable weight onto a barbell or from swinging a bigger kettlebell. As a matter of fact, if you happen to be one of the victims of the ideas I described above and as a result are not looking to attempt heavier weight then you are restraining yourself from getting that much desired Beach Body! 

Before I get into this too much further I want to show you some things that I like to check off when trying to change someone’s perception. I like to somewhat allow the participant to discover why what they are doing is failing them versus what I can show them. For instance…

-What is your main goal?

-Is it to simply change the number on the scale or to look your absolute killer best in clothes?

-How well has YOUR plan been working for you?

-Are you willing to try something new?

-Are you willing to follow instructions?

-Can you follow instructions?

You get the picture, yet time and time again these false beliefs tend to creep into the general population and distort the truth about what it does actually take to achieve the goals that people most desire. I know it’s true for both men and women, but today I’m picking on the ladies for once. So ladies, the simple  thing to remember is that however you train your body is the result you are going to get. Without sounding too much like Captain Obvious if you train your body to sit and eat twinkies you are going to have a twinkie body. Whatever that is it can’t be good. However if you stress the body by loading it with resistance such as with lifting heavier loads or mastering your own resistance then you are going to have a fitter, leaner, more athletic look.

Women's Kettlebells

This is why I am so against people focusing on their scale weight. Is it your goal to simply be lighter or to look fitter and leaner? You see the concentration of all of this should be on specifically losing body fat. Body fat is something that has to be burned off by having a revved up metabolism. It’s simple physics, the more work you do the more energy is required. In your case and mine our energy source is in the form of calories.

So with that being said what better way to rev up the ole metabolic rate than by stressing the body with some heavier weight? At least heavier than you are used to. You see that’s where I come in. I’m going to hammer proper lifting technique which in the process of learning technique you are going to break a sweat. Once this is done then it’s my job to start pushing you into lifting heavier things that you haven’t been used to lifting in the past. This is why strength training for women is SO crucial. You see ladies strength training for women or men will cause the following:

-The development of lean muscle mass.

-With added muscle mass the addition of a higher caloric burn. 

-At least with the way I train you a functional level of fitness that allows you to move and perform. 

-A faster recovery rate from exercise bouts.

-A rocket engine metabolism for a lean SHE HULK body without the GREEN skin! (For guys the cool male counterpart of course)

TRX TV. Tune In.

The point is that once the ladies give me a chance to train them my way versus their way they are always sold on it! The key is smart strength training for women and men. It’s about developing a strong core center with added stability so that more work can be performed. Remember the more work means the more calories are burned which in turn means you build more super lean SHE-HULK muscle mass. Remember ladies SHE HULK is cool and sexy, not bulky and intimidating. In addition to this I love throwing in some various lifting complexes that build on both your strength and endurance especially when using kettlebells. Once technique is acquired you can implement such complexes to blast out faster, more efficient, high calorie burning workouts in a much shorter period of time!!! A great example of a complex that I’m talking about can be seen below:

This is what strength training for women (and men) should be all about anyway. Ladies it’s about efficiency and not about the fear of lifting a heavier weight. Forget the pink 5 lb. dumbbells (or kettlebells for that matter). Look most women I know that travel have luggage that weighs more than that 72 lb. kettlebell I was swinging in the video. If you have kids that weigh in at 30, 40, or 50 pounds I know you still pick them up and wrestle around. If you’re not worried about that kid or your luggage then why worry about a 44 lb. kettlebell? I think you are on track with me now, but if not then go watch Twilight  and marinate on all of this for a while!

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I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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