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Push-Ups With Kettlebells – 2 Push-Up Drills That You Can Use With Kettlebells!

Push-Ups With Kettlebells – 2 Push-Up Drills That You Can Use With Kettlebells!

Sharon kettlebell push up by sharon_vanderhorst

It is one thing to execute a traditional style push-up off of the ground, but its a whole other ball game to get it done off of a kettlebell! The following 2 drills are a great way to start in practicing to improve your push-up power and core strength. These challenging styles of push-ups will also drastically help you by giving you tremendous shoulder integrity.

1. The One Arm Handle Push-Up: This push-up is very challenging if you are a novice to the standard one-arm push-up, but it is a great way to develop tremendous upper body power and shoulder stability. To start, simply place the bell on the ground with the handle running longways or parallel to your body. Get into a proper one-arm upright push-up position. The trick here is to stabilize the bell so you don’t lay it over on one side. Properly execute a controlled descent all the way down until your chest is even with the sphere of the bell and then push-up. This is a great way for you to develop that extra stability and power by using your kettlebell.

2. The Bell Up One Arm Push-Up: This drill is only for the advanced kettlebell man or woman. However, even explaining it to you is worth the entertainment. For this drill I would recommend doing it either in your yard or in your living room on the carpet. To begin this drill simply flip the bell upside down to where the handle is on the ground and running longways or parallel to your body. Yes, I did say flip the bell over to where the bell is up and the handle is down. From here you have to really stabilize the bell because you are balancing it off of its handle! Next, execute a single-arm push-up off of the bell while stabilizing it the entire time. You will have to already have a sufficient amount of core strength and upper-body power to pull this off, however you will also further improve your ability with this drill.

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