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Sandbag Glory – 2 Great Drills You Can Implement With Sandbags For Great Core Strength!

Sandbag Glory – 2 Great Drills You Can Implement With Sandbags For Great Core Strength!

Imagine training with simple movements that provide you with big results! This very style of training should be the way you workout in the first place in my opinion, however with the addition of a sandbag you can create an entire workout by utilizing the resistance of a simple piece of equipment. You can get sandbags online that are specifically made for training, or if you want to really be hardcore you can get the flood-stoppers from Home Depot! Either way you will get a heck of a workout.

1. The Clean: This is probably a familiar lift to you with equipment such as kettlebells, barbells, and dumbells. The lift is executed much in the same exact way with the sandbag. Cleaning the sandbag is a great way to develop your core strength and overall body power. To make this more enjoyable you can train with the bag outdoors. To clean the bag all you do is perform a normal squat and reach down to pick the bag up. Pick it up in a straight line from between your legs and catch it right at chest level. Once you complete the lift simply drop the bag and repeat the movement. The bags can come in a variety of weights. Start with a 50 lb bag and as you get better try to move up to a 70 lb.

2. The Clean And Throw: This lift is executed in the same exact fashion as the ordinary clean mentioned above. The only difference with this lift is that when you catch the bag at chest level you will want to perform a push press or jerk to explosively throw the bag vertically above your head. Don’t be a knucklehead and try to catch it. Simply let it fall to the ground and repeat the lift again. This sandbag training is great for your core strength, fitness, and overall conditioning. You will be shocked at the result you can get from such a simple concept of training!

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