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Push-Ups – 2 Evil Styles To Create Great Upper-Body And Core Strength!

Push-Ups – 2 Evil Styles to Create Great Upper-Body and Core Strength!

Push-ups are an age-old exercise that we have probably practiced since we were kids. Its amazing to me how many of us lose the ability to execute this same movement later into adulthood. The good news is that as an adult when we practice our bodies generally respond very well.

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1. Elevate The Feet: Once you master the traditional style push-ups a great way to intensify the drill for harder hitting results is to simply elevate your feet. This will distribute more of your body-weight to your arms making the exercise significantly more difficult. You can gain a great deal more upper-body power and core strength by doing this. Its important to feel out how hard you want to make it by adjusting your feet to the desired height.

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2. Stability Ball Push-Ups: This one is certainly going to get your attention and will hit you hard in the stomach! That’s right, I said in the stomach. Get a stability ball and put your hands on the ball. You want to grip the ball sort of to the sides almost like squeezing it, but not too much that you lose your hold. Next, make sure you maintain the integrity of your body alignment. Even though your body is elevated by the ball you must make sure that you still keep it straight from your shoulders to your heels. Lower yourself in a controlled manner and touch the middle of your chest to the ball before coming back up. You will experience great tension in your abs and will develop tremendous upper-body strength and stability with this drill.

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