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Mindset Fitness Growth: Creating Chaos, Order, And Results

Mindset Fitness Growth: Creating Chaos, Order, And Results

  1. Do you have a sense urgency about your life? 
  2. Are you executing smaller goals to get you to bigger goals? 
  3. Are you systematic in your approach to hit your goals and to get the job done? 
  4. Do you create your own chaos and your own order? 

Your mindset fitness will dictate everyone of your outcomes. Last Tuesday a man approached me out at the park when he saw me getting in an outdoor training session. I had just decided to get in the day’s training and wanted to enjoy the weather as it was the perfect temperature.  A guy that looked to be in his 50’s approached me asking about the training. I had just finished a workout with some bodyweight push-ups and HIIT.

Mindset Fitness 

Ground view of a strong man doing fingertip push-ups.

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He was genuinely curious about my energy from watching me do the workout. How do you stay motivated? He asked. I replied…I have no choice.

We continued to have a good conversation and he appeared to have an interest in learning more about my programs. In our conversation I elaborated on my point about not having a choice in terms of motivation.

I promise this is not me just trying to pat myself on the back. I elaborated with this gentlemen my reasoning behind my motivation and what mentally drives me forward since I actually get asked this question quite often

As a result I figured I’d share what we spoke about here with you.


I started out by explaining that I believe in having a sense of urgency and that I must create my own chaos. So what the hell does that mean? After all, chaos can’t be a good thing, right?

Mindset Fitness Growth 

Well when it comes to having mindset fitness growth you have to first understand what the current fitness of your mindset is all about. Our mindset basically involves the way we think when viewing the world and applying our own filters onto the world.

As I told the gentleman at the park we all filter our thoughts and make meaning of varying situations. Some people do this in order to avoid facing reality and to rationalize a failure, setback, or to just avoid a difficult truth altogether…but I digress.

However I create my own chaos for a reason. I create chaos so that I create movement and activity.

According to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck a “growth mindset” is something that came about after researching motivation, personality, and development.

Dweck points out that a growth mindset evolves from hard work, learning, training, and perseverance. The growth mindset is about learning, growing, and continuing to work towards goals despite setbacks, or failures.

On the other hand, a person with a fixed mindset views the world differently. An individual with a fixed mindset may be embarrassed. An individual with this mindset my not be willing to admit their personal, or professional failures.

Even though Dweck refers to the person that can grow as having a growth mindset I’m referring to it here as mindset fitness growth. To grow it you’ve got to be fit and the same applies here to your mind.

Half of a man's face staring into the camera.

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Fixed: I don’t have the best balance so I don’t do martial arts.

Growth: I don’t have the best balance, but I’m getting better by working at it in martial arts class.

Fixed: Everything went wrong yesterday so today is going to be a difficult day.

Growth: Yesterday was challenging, but I learned a lot so I can get through today.

Fixed: I’m not able to cook so I don’t like preparing my own meals.

Growth: I’m not the best cook, but I’m getting better by preparing my own meals.

I think you get the picture.

So having a sense of urgency is pretty self explanatory and this is why I create chaos. In other words, this basically means I don’t waste time once in pursuit of a particular endeavor.

For instance, everyday when I wake I have already gotten a huge list of to-dos that I created from the day before. This way when I wake I immediately hit the ground running to systematically execute everything on my list for the day.

This is a MUST because this is how I create movement in my life. I’m telling you if you’re not doing this your life won’t be productive. You must have a sense of urgency.

You’ve got to understand that time is the most valuable commodity. It’s the ONLY commodity that is gone forever once it’s gone. You can’t replace it and you can’t make more of it.

You can NEVER get it back…which is exactly why it’s so valuable.

So in order to take care of my day to day operations of running my business, training a full schedule, business development, marketing, taxes, book keeping, emails, writing pieces like this article, and general problem solving I don’t have time to waste.

I HAVE TO BE systematic in my approach to execute tasks on a consistent daily basis. Now obviously with this urgency comes a lot of movement.

My interactions, brainstorming, training, etc. creates this movement. All of this movement I’m referring to is basically all of the things I’m working to set into motion just from day to day living and interaction.

My attempt to set these things in motion is what I’m referring to regarding me creating my own chaos.

You still with me?

Ok just stick with me here a bit longer and this will all make sense. It’s always chaotic at the start. However, once things seemingly are set into motion then other momentum can be built out of that.

As a result, all of this is designed to move me towards my goals both small and big. The chaos is creating my purpose. Ah that’s the keyword…it’s purpose! You see without such movement the purpose ceases to exist.

So the end result here is that where purpose ceases to exist hope ceases to exist. Therefore, you can’t lose hope.

You have to create your own chaos and out of that chaos you can figure out how to leverage your situation to put you into a better position to achieve your goals.

Mindset Fitness Growth: The Takeaway

I know this is a bit deep, but I think you get what I’m saying. However, you’ve got be systematic in going about the mindset fitness growth from day to day. Therefore, you must awake and attack each day.

Just like my day last week at the park I continued with creating my own chaos with my training which created a purpose for this article!

Allow me to help you to do the same.

Are you systematic in your approach to life?

Can you stick to a plan to get results?

Are you testing yourself? 

Post up and share below in the comments. 

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