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Interview With Bodybuilder Adam Foster

Interview With Bodybuilder Adam Foster

In today’s blogisode I’m taking the interview to my friend and competing bodybuilder from across the pond Adam Foster. Check it out because Adam offers some cool insight into the day and the life of being a bodybuilder and businessman!

The Interview

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hmmm where to start! Well my name is Adam, and im from the North of England.

Growing up i was never into sports, of any kind. My older brothers both loved (and still do love) football (soccer for any Americans) The closest thing I enjoyed to a sport was pro wrestling. However that is sports entertainment.

I’ve always been into computer games, comics, anime, trading cards, your typical “geeky” stuff. When I was a teenager I decided to drop some weight. I wasn’t obese or anything like that, however I was overweight. Watching wrestling kinda inspired me in a way to get a better physique.

So that was my first real “sporting” activity. Lifting weights, doing cardio, thinking I was making awesome gains, when in reality I wasn’t haha.

Outside of the gym I’ve studied Business Management at undergraduate level, Marketing Management at MSc level, provided guest lectures to University students, along with blogging and vlogging.

I run the Supplement Review & Cheap Protein Discount Codes website along with my personal bodybuilding blog and youtube channel

I come from a big family, I’m 1 of 7, and I love it! Im also happily engaged to my fiance of over 3 years now. I have a feeling its going to be a long engagement haha. However I couldn’t be happier with anyone else!

2. Who influenced you to get into the bodybuilding game?

There was no one person who influenced me to get into bodybuilding.

As I’ve just mentioned, I started to get in shape because of being overweight, and watching wrestling. So i suppose those physiques are what inspired me. Deep down I’d love to have been a wrestler (and I still toy with the idea of getting more into training), however currently I’m focused on bodybuilding.

In regards to competing, there wasn’t a bodybuilder who I thought “damn, he is the reason I’m competing”. After being bitten by the bug, not just in terms of training, but also with my diet, I wanted “more” from it.

I was putting so much effort into my training and diet, and decided I wanted something to show for it. Hence by decision to get into bodybuilding.

Eddy Ellwood, former Mr Universe winner, of 5 times, and my gym owner has been a huge influence and help to me since deciding to compete however. Without his help I would not have achieved the success I have.

 3. What is your strongest lift?

My 1 rep max is a 220kg deadlift, which I actually did a few years ago.

I’m currently following the Ed Coan deadlift workout routine however, to try and up my game. You can check out my Ed Coan deadlift series here:

I’m quite strong the on the leg press too. I don’t go for 1 rep maxes or anything like that, but it’s pretty decent.

 4. What is your favorite exercise?

Hmm I’m not sure. If you asked me this a few years ago, it would have been squats, deadlifts or bench press. I loved all 3! However now I never flat bench, and I squat rarely.

I still enjoy the deadlift and factor that into my regime quite regular. Not sure what my favorite exercise is though!

5. If you had a time machine or even the ability to immediately teleport yourself to any location in the world to train with one particular individual who would it be and why?

Awww I’m not sure! I mean I’ve trained with Eddy Ellwood which is awesome, and that’s in my home town haha!

Training in America would obviously be awesome. I’ve never been before, so that would be something I’d like to do at some point.

6. What kind of training program or split are you implementing for yourself now and how many days of the week are you in the gym?

I train 6 days a weeks with weights.

Monday – Legs/shoulders

Tuesday – Chest/Bis

Wednesday – Back/Tris

Thursday – Shoulders/Legs

Friday – Biceps/Chest

Saturday – Tris/Back

7. I know I’ve been a contributor to your sites, but for those here that might have missed it tell them a little about your online connection.

Damn I can’t remember when we first started talking, maybe about a year ago?

Online I’m known by the name “shreddybrek” for my youtube channel. This then spawned Cheap Protein Discount Codes and the Shreddybrek Site. 

Brandon Richey guest post Shreddy Brek: 10 Reasons Why Your Strength Program Sucks!

Brandon Richey guest post Cheap Protein Discount Codes: Brandon Richey Strength And Conditioning Coach Interview

8. Do you have any shows or competitions coming up that you are currently preparing for and if so what kind of adjustments do you make in your nutrition to get you ready to step foot on the stage to compete? I’m talking strictly about the last couple weeks leading up to competition.

My next show is May 3rd. It’s the NABBA North Britain. I competed in the Novice class last year and placed 3rd, and then qualified to the NABBA Britain Finals in Southport.

You can check out last years bodybuilding journal here

This year I’m in the Mr Class 2. It’s height based.

In regards to the final few weeks, nothing changes hugely. My carbs will differ all throughout my contest prep.

As for peak week, I experiment and try different things. Sometimes I’ll carb deplete and load. Sometimes I dont.

There is really no “tricks” you can apply here in the last week. You can enhance your appearance, somewhat. However there are no shortcuts in peak week to make you better than you actually are.

9. What kind of supplements do you use?

My Protein is my “go to” company pretty much. I use a protein powder, dextrose/maltrodextrin, BCAA & Glutamine as standard. Along with multivitamins and minerals.

I’ll use a protein blend of casein and isolate, or just an isolate typically. However for anyone on perhaps a budget, check out my impact whey review. It’s awesome!

10. Thanks so much for taking the time to come aboard today Adam. Tell us a little more about where we can find you and how folks can connect up with you.

You can check out my websites, youtube or follow me on
Twitter – @shreddybrekgym
Thanks for having me!
Hey guys make sure you post up your questions and comments in the comment box below. Stay strong and keep training smart! 
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