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How To Calculate Your Absolute Work Volume For Strength

How To Calculate Your Absolute Work Volume For Strength

  1. How do you know what intensity to lift in order to get stronger? 
  2. Do you keep track of your total lifting poundage on a weekly basis? 
  3. How do you know how much total work volume you’re putting in for your strength training? 
  4. How do you calculate true strength gains? 

If you’re looking to keep a measure on making some real gains in strength then you MUST understand how to measure it. To do this you need to understand how to calculate your absolute work volume.

Calculating Your Absolute Work Volume For Strength 

So what do I mean by absolute work volume?

Well when I say absolute work volume what I’m really talking about is the total poundage, or tonnage you’re lifting in a given week.

Increase and calculate absolute work volume

Understand that when I say to increase your absolute volume this does not mean that you need to be doing a lot of reps with those small pink Barbie weights.

No, I’m talking about gradually and incrementally increasing poundage to optimize strength gains. However volume should never come at the expense of intensity.

To calculate a working volume let’s say you pull your weekly deadlift for 400 lbs. for 4 sets of 5 reps. then this would give you a total lifting poundage of 8000 lbs.

To arrive at this number simply multiply the sets, reps, and poundage. So in this example you can say (400)4×5=8000 lbs.

Granted you can really generate strength by working to get this volume (poundage, or tonnage) up if you’re looking to make some serious strength gains.

There have been some super heavy powerlifters to top out at 50 to 70 sets per lift for a given training week!!!

That is some serious volume and the only real way you can make that happen is by figuring out a way to apply the greasing the groove (GTG) method.

Of course such volume will come at the expense of some of your time and being able to leverage such a commitment may be difficult, but it is sure to generate some massive strength gains which will make it all worth it!

Absolute Work Volume: The Takeaway

If you’re expecting to gain real strength then you need to calculate and have an idea of your absolute work volume for a given training week, or training cycle. Otherwise you’re just guessing and there’s no real measurable variable to chart your progress.

What is your weekly absolute work volume? 

What is your weekly absolute work volume for your squats, or deadlift? 

Post up in the comments below and share with us. 


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