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Fuelshaker Product Review

Fuelshaker Product Review

So with today’s blogisode BRF is reviewing the very cool and innovative Fuelshaker drink mixer product. This is one of those products that you can’t keep your hands off of because it can do something really cool and different. Keep on reading to find out.

The Test…

So a couple weeks back I was contacted with the good folks from Fuelshaker and they were awesome on stepping up to get behind and sponsor the upcoming launch of my new BRF Online Coaching program which is set to take off this coming weekend on July 4th!

Anyways they wanted me to test out their product and to try it for myself while insisting that their drink mixer was uniquely different than any other mixer that I would have ever encountered. After a bit of a doubtful chuckle I agreed to explore the product for myself and to my surprise it actually was completely different than any drink mixer I’ve ever encountered.

Just in case you were curious I decided to film a short video explaining how this thing works. Check it out here.

As you can see this product has a touch of some 007 ingenuity in its design. The Fuelshaker allows you to place your supplement mixture into a separate compartment that screws into the bottom of the main cylinder. It’s capped off by a seal that is in the shape of a disc.

When you’re ready to mix your supplement into the rest of the liquid that is housed in the main part of the container all you have to do is hit the button on the bottom of the container and shake it up as you saw in the video.

Now I admit that I was immediately impressed with the design, but there are some things I want you to pay attention to when using the container. There are also some other helpful details I want to point out here as well.

Some Helpful Tips…

First of all, the compartment that screws into the bottom has a tight seal so make certain that you don’t cross the threads when screwing the bottom compartment (where the button is located) into the base of the container. I made that mistake at first and found out that it will leak. Again it was my mistake, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention in the initial set up.

If you pay attention you’ll see it will screw in tight and seal off perfectly, but handle it properly and make sure to pay close attention during the set up.

Secondly, the disc mixer also has a firm fit into the supplement storage container at the base. As you place the disc in make sure that its rounded edges are flush and smooth and that it is properly fitted into the supplement container at the base.

If the disc shaped mixer isn’t smooth all the way around you run the risk of it prematurely popping out and releasing your supplement before desired. Once you get everything properly sealed it’s also pretty durable even after it’s full of liquid. Case in point…

The Fuelshaker is pretty rugged! This is always a plus in my book. Now the drink lid did pop off in that little demonstration, but the base container that would house your supplement held strong!

To be fair I also dropped it straight down from head height directly onto concrete. I stand about 6′ even so that was quite a drop. The reality is if someone drops a container they are more than likely not going to be dropping it straight down to the ground from head height. It’s probably going to be more like a drop at an angle due to carrying it at waist height and losing a grip on it sort of rolling it across the ground in most cases.

I think you get my point. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and please make sure to post up in the comments below if you have any questions. Check out Fuelshaker here and let them know what you think. Stay strong and keep training smart.

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