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10 Greatest Feats Of Strength In Sports!

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10 Greatest Feats Of Strength In Sports!

There is no doubt that there have been many impressive feats of strength over the years when watching various athletes compete in the wide wide world of sports. If you’ve been following this site for a while then you know I’m always posting strategies up that involve what you can be doing to improve your current level of fitness either for life or for sport competition.

So today I decided to tip my cap to the athletes that have devoted their lives to training while in turn displaying what those countless hours of training produced when in the middle of competition. This is my top 10 greatest feats of strength in sports. Read, share, agree, disagree and enjoy. 

The Top 10 Feats Of Strength…

1. Hulk Hogan Slamming Andre The Giant: 

Yes, as a kid I clearly remember seeing this and thinking wow. Now as a grown man I look at this and still say WOW. Like it or not, even with The Giant allowing Hulk Hogan to do the honors of slamming him it still took some incredible raw strength to pick up a man tipping the scales at 500 plus and slam him to the ground. According to Hogan he tore both biceps performing this feat. Hulk up Hulkamania and enjoy! 

2. Mike Tyson’s Streak Of 1 Minute KO’s: 

As far as I’m concerned Mike Tyson is the greatest heavy weight boxer of all time. Growing up I remember how much controversy the guy stirred up and like him or not Tyson mowed through the competition like a hot knife through butter. Many of his fights never got outside of a minute in the first round. I’m sure he disappointed a lot of sponsors, but this was also the reason he was the champ. 

3. Herschel Walker’s Freshmen Year Of Running Over Defenders: 

Ok you’ll probably say that I have some bias on this one, but I really don’t care. I mean who can deny the overwhelming power of a freshmen running back destroying defenders at the highest level of college football after the very first time he steps on the field? The answer is NOBODY! Enjoy. 

4. The Minister Of Defense Reggie White Dismantling Linemen: 

I remember watching some football on Sundays growing up and occasionally catching some Green Bay Packers games. Even though it was intentional I still had to take notice of this awesome defensive end that they had named Reggie White. It was incredible watching him handle offensive linemen by literally bench pressing them off of him with one arm and on many occasions driving them back into the quarterback to cause a sack. This was a feat of strength that he demonstrated regularly. 

5. Lyle Alzado…Enough Said: 

Like I said…Enough said. 


6: Anything Paul Anderson Did In Weightlifting Competition: 

Granted Anderson won the Olympic Gold Medal at the 1956 Olympics which was hosted in Melbourne Australia and he did so after contracting the flu and losing around 40 lbs. prior to the competition. As if this wasn’t impressive enough he went on to become one of the strongest men probably to ever walk the face of the planet. Yes, I would say this makes the top 10! 

7. Golfer Bobby Jones’s Integrity: 

Yes I know this one doesn’t involve brute muscle, but this sort of strength is very rare today! During the U.S. Open golfer Bobby Jones ended up hitting one of his shots into the rough. He walked over to address the ball meaning he was just getting into his stance to ready himself for the stroke and the ground moved which in turn caused the ball to move.

In golf this technically counts as a stroke penalty, but he was the only one to see the ball move being that it was such a slight movement. He called over the officials and his competitor in order to penalize himself a stroke even though they argued with him for several minutes because no one else witnessed the ball move. He simply said “I saw it move.” 

8. Randy Couture Becoming UFC Heavyweight Champion at 43: 

Randy Couture defeated Tim Sylvia to become the UFC champion at age 43. As if this wasn’t enough he would later come out of retirement to face the viking beast Brock Lesnar. He would lose to Lesnar, but he put up a great fight. Plus anyone that would even get into the ring with Lesnar automatically displays some serious testicular fortitude. 

9. Bo Jackson Throwing Out Harold Reynolds from 330 feet: 

Yes, you read it right. Bo knows throwing and he threw a very fast runner (Harold Reynolds) out from a line drive hit ball that came right off the wall at the warning track. From the point of the throw it was about 330 feet straight to home plate where his teammate was able to tag out Reynolds at the plate. This was an impressive feat of strength. 

10. Marcus Henry Pulling 2 Big Trucks: 

Yep, you read that right. Marcus Henry (World Strongman & WWE Competitor) pulled 2 tractor trailers at a WWE event. Marcus has been labeled as the World’s Strongest Man and I’m certainly not arguing with that claim. I’m also surprised he didn’t body slam the guy interviewing him during this event. Go Marcus Go! This is one hell of a feat of STRENGTH! 

As you can see this top 10 stands by itself and it’s a unique top 10 in my opinion. You know I’m always talking about how smart training results in the winning on the field of play, in the ring, or on the court. These individuals truly committed themselves to being the best which is why their strength shines through in the feats that have been mentioned here. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and if there are any other impressive feats of strength in sports that you know of and would like to mention please drop a comment in the box below this article. Remember most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart. 

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10 Greatest Feats Of Strength In Sports!






I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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