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Animal Walks – An Easy Concept And A Creative Killer Workout!

Animal Walks – An Easy Concept and a Creative Killer Workout!

What are animal walks? Well, its certainly a more difficult way for people to move around rather than just walking around on our own two feet. Animal walks are just what they sound like. You can get a heck of a workout simply getting on the ground and moving around in as many creative ways as you can come up with.

To start, for some people its hard enough to walk in the normal erect human way for any reasonable distance. So if you want to get in shape and really get creative with developing a top-notch strength and conditioning program without the need for equipment then animal walks are the perfect way to go. All you have to do to start is to simply get down on all fours and walk around. You can create many different variations of these by shifting more of your weight to your arms by keeping your legs completely straight (aka bear crawls). You can also do 3 limb walks and body slides. These can generally be done on just about any surface depending on what kind of walking or sliding drills you plan on doing. For instance, if you are going to do slides you need a relatively slick level surface. You simply get on your stomach outstretch your arms and pull your body forward for the slides. However, if you want to make your bear crawls harder try doing them walking down hill. You quickly see how easily these can be manipulated to be super intense drills.

Animal crawls, slides, and walking variations are all tremendous for developing core strength, cardiovascular conditioning, and great mobility. These walks provide a rigorous and unique type of stress to the body in order for it to adapt to a harsh physical environment. Once again, the importance of being able to handle your own body-weight is the true way to develop the most elite level of fitness!

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