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A Kettlebell Grip Is A Powerful One – 2 Exercises To Get An Iron Grip!

A Kettlebell Grip is a Powerful One – 2 Exercises to Get an Iron Grip!

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If you have worked with the kettlebells then you understand exactly where I am coming from when I talk about grip exhaustion. I don’t even know if that phrase exist. Anyway, the bell will give you an iron grip quicker than just about anything out there. A quick way to find out is to practice with this device on a regular basis. If you were wondering what it takes for those strongmen to rip phone books in half and bend nails, then you have found the ingredient right here in the kettlebell. Check out these following 2 drills that you can include into your personal strength culture!

1. Dual Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk: This is one of those tough looking drills that you have seen strongmen perform on ESPN. They generally use anvils, but the bell will work just fine for you. This is a wonderful strength and conditioning exercise that you can perform right in your front or back yard. To start, just find a flat open area. Stand at one end of the walking area and squat to pick up your kettlebells in each hand. A relatively strong guy can start with a 28kg (61.6 lbs) kettlebell in each hand. A relatively strong woman can start with a 16kg (35.2 lbs) kettlebell in each hand. From here you just simply want to walk for a designated distance of about 25 yards one way. Repeat this two or three times and you will be ripping phone books in no time!

2. Dual Kettlebell Swings: So you are probably familiar with the double-arm kettlebell swing by now. With the double-arm kettlebell swing you are using both arms to swing a single bell back and forth between your legs. Now we are going to step it up by executing dual kettlebell swings. With this particular drill you will be performing swings with a kettlebell in each hand. To begin, you will make sure that your technique is sound and that you are using bells of equal weight to swing in each hand. You will quickly find that the swings are much more intense this way from a conditioning standpoint as well. You must fight hard to keep a good hooking type grip in order to prevent the bells from flying out of your hands and through your living room wall. Note, its always a good idea to do these outdoors and in the grass.

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